SUNY Brockport Students Protest Disinvite Of Former Black Panther

Muntaqim, a former Black Panther and Black Liberation Army member, was scheduled to speak at Brockport on April 6.

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The Black and Brown Student Coalition at SUNY Brockport has started a petition after the school rescinded a scheduled in-person invitation for former political prisoner Jalil Muntaqim.

Muntaqim, a former Black Panther and Black Liberation Army member, was scheduled to speak at Brockport on April 6. After the school faced substantial conservative pressure to disinvite him, the event was moved to a virtual format. Students are hosting a sit-in today to protest the administration’s response.

In the petition the students state the following:

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, SUNY Brockport Administration have made several decisions that uphold institutional racism and white supremacy. SUNY Brockport’s proclaims values of “community, engagement, excellence and transformation” however, the students, faculty, and invited campus guests have lost sight of these promises in lieu of several unjust actions.

Brockport’s values community, but yet, the students and faculty who comprise SUNY Brockport where bypassed and then declined from the planning of a community event. All that community members are left with is the implication that SUNY Brockport only values CERTAIN community. SUNY Brockport values engagement, but yet, when we voice that our engagement is best utilized in person we are dismissed. SUNY Brockport values transformation, but yet, administration refuses to acknowledge their complicity in sustaining oppression and do whats just.

The Black and Brown Student Coalition stands firm in our demand to have Jalil Muntaqim’s talk in person. We will no longer embrace a community and learning institution that prioritizes appeasing the tantrums of conservative, right wing individuals over commitments made to equity, diversity & Inclusion. If you are a believer of the first Amendment, the democratic process and dismantling all forms of racism UNITE with us as we hold our administration accountable. Students have the right to be engaged in matters that impact their safety and education.

Sign this petition with your credentials if possible to support that

All power belongs to the people.

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