Stephania; Canadian Beauty

Leaders that inspire Stephania: “Fidel Castro; Jesse Jackson; and, Nelson Mandela.�

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Where She’s From:
Beautiful model Stephania Bella, a Sagittarius, was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. “One thing I’ve learned from my family is to always be a humble person,” she tells The Black Star News. “I attended school in Toronto and my career took off in New York.”
“I have a long way ahead of me and I’m looking forward to it,” Stephania adds. “To be honest I would like to take it and roll with this a far as possible and as far as my aspirations, I would have to say they come from my significant other.”
Where She’s At: “Every day is a challenge and we gotta get through it one day at a time because that’s the only way possible,” she continues. Some of Stephania’s credits include modeling for Ziggazagga Productions 2007 Calendar; Ziggazagga Productions Eyecandy Feature; Big Tiggers/Eyecandy Modeling 2007 Flawless Kittens Calendar; Cover of Thique Magazine, twice; Cover of IB Concept Magazine; Features in Xzibit, Lloydd Banks, Belly & Ginuwine and Fabolous music videos; and, appearances in The source, Feds, Pulp, Hip Hop Weekly and elle magazines.

“This industry is full of sharks just waiting to take advantage of attractive young females so you must always be on guard and stay one step ahead,” Stephania warns.
So how does beautiful Stephania prepare to step out? “As far as clothing, I love Marciano, Bebe and American Apparel; also French Connection. For makeup, Mac; shoes, anything in a sexy stiletto; and perfume, Angel.”
Stephania’s Words Of Wisdom: “Stay 60—as in 60 degrees. You figure it out.”
Stephania’s Secrets Of Success: “Prayer.” 
Stephania’s Favorite Three Movies: “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off; Do The Right Thing; and, Mo Money.”
Stephania’s Favorite Three Books: “Confessions Of A Video Vixen; My Dreamer’s Dictionary, which I every week; and, of course the Bible.”
Leaders That Have Most Inspired Stephania: “Fidel Castro; Jesse Jackson; and, Nelson Mandela.”
The First Three Things Stephania Would Do As President: “Bring all the troops back to the US; create a new healthcare system; and, abolish the death sentence because as a society we are much too advanced to be using such barbaric methods of punishment as well as the fact that God is the only one who should decide the fate of his children.” 
Stephania’s Favorite Cars: “I’ve always had a thing for Lex’s, I think it’s because it was the first nice car I ever sat in as young adult and it was just nice.”
Stephania’s Five Favorite Entertainers: “Mariah—Vision of Love; Janet—Let’s wait a while; Tamia—officially missing you; Carl Thomas—Summer Rain; and, Alicia Keys—If I ain’t got you.”
A Short Stephania Story: “My grandfather passed away almost two years ago but It feels like yesterday. We were very close so I think about him all the time and miss him a lot. He was perfectly happy and healthy and then found out he had cancer and within a few weeks he died.”

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