St. Louis D-Day: Will Darren Wilson, Murderous Ferguson Police Officer,Walk?


Darren Wilson, Ferguson’s accused killer cop

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Very shortly the St. Louis, MO., grand jury, charged with deciding whether or not to indict Officer Darren Wilson for the killing of unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown on Aug 9, may finally render judgment.

Given the less than zealous actions of Prosecutor Bob McCulloch, the aiding and abetting of other Ferguson police officials, who have a vested interest in seeing that Officer Wilson isn’t indicted, and, the wimpy response of Governor Jay Nixon—who should’ve recused McCulloch—can anything resembling justice really be expected from this impending decision?

As the grand jury proceedings wind down this week, Ferguson officials are reportedly ready to react to any violence that would occur if Officer Wilson isn’t indicted for killing Michael Brown. On Monday, Missouri Governor Nixon declared a state of emergency and activated the National Guard. The thirty day emergency order directs the Missouri State Highway Patrol, St. Louis County Police Department and St. Louis Metro Police to work together to keep the peace in the event reactions to the grand jury decisions turn violent.

Governor Nixon has ask police “to protect civil rights and ensure public safety in the city of Ferguson and the St. Louis region.” Last week, the governor also said “This is America. People have the right to express views and grievances, but they do not have the right to put fellow citizens and property at risk,” Nixon said last week. “Violence will not be tolerated.”

Unfortunately, politicians like Governor Nixon are a major reason why we will have violence if this murderer isn’t held responsible for his actions. Officer Wilson should have been arrested on the same day he killed the defenseless Brown execution-style as several witnesses report.

Moreover, Governor Nixon had the power to recuse Mr. McCulloch—whom he surely knows should not have been trusted to aggressively seek an indictment against Officer Wilson. When Mr. McCulloch criticized the governor for removing the thuggish Ferguson Police in handling the protests after Brown was killed—who were constantly harassing, teargasing and beating peaceful protesters—that should have made it even easier for Governor Nixon to remove Mr. McCulloch.

Governor Nixon in a spineless manner allowed McCulloch to remain as prosecutor—possibly, because the governor feared political retribution from the White voters of Missouri. The awful truth is Governor Nixon and other White Missouri Democrats—like Senator Claire McCaskill—are not much better than many of the right-winger types who probably makeup many of the members of these very police entities who police areas like Ferguson.

Ferguson is 60% African American and has three Black officers on a police force of 53 officers.

The White supremacy that lies at the heart of all these outrages—in Ferguson, New York, Los Angeles, wherever—are often glossed over by White Democrats like Senator McCaskill and Governor Nixon.

Governor Nixon says “violence will not be tolerated.” Obviously, however, violence against Black people is being tolerated in his state. And if Officer Wilson is allowed to walk free that will indeed be the message of the day.

What are politicians like Governor Nixon, and Senator McCaskill, prepared to do to stop the violent actions of police officers who act with impunity when they terrorize and assault Black people? The majority of the violence that politicians like the governor are now talking about were brought on by the constant harassment and brutality of racially aggressive White cops. When will we hear these “upstanding” politicians address that issue, instead of avoiding it and pretending the unlawful and unjustified killings are aberrations?

The system of White “law and order” is again on trial here.

The whole world is about to see, once again, if White America’s legal system can be trusted to provide justice for the sons and daughters of African slaves. Anything less than an indictment will only reaffirm what many already know: that Black America can’t get true justice in a system that is underpinned to the core by racism and White supremacy.

In New York City a video recording clearly shows that if NYPD officer wanted to arrested an unarmed Black man, Eric Garner, he could have easily pulled out his weapon and ordered Garner to submit. Instead he strangled Garner to death for allegedly selling loose cigarettes.

For two months, this lying, murderous  police officer remained silent regarding why he shot Michael Brown to death. Since Officer Wilson suddenly found his voice, some have claimed that his leaked testimony to the grand jury—and autopsy findings—proves that he was justified in his shooting of Brown. This assessment is pure bull.

Officer Wilson claims he was accosted by Brown inside the police car. Assuming for a moment this is true, Officer Wilson still needs to tell us why he shot Brown who was feeing from him? Obviously, if Officer Wilson was in danger at the squad car didn’t that danger subside with every step Michael Brown took as he ran away?

If Michael Brown had been shot dead by the squad car, Officer Wilson’s purported defense –swallowed recklessly in a New York Times article that didn’t contain sufficiently countering comments or quotes– would make more sense.

But since Brown was killed yards away from the squad car as he attempted to get away and having already been shot at close distance, the notion that Wilson’s life was in jeopardy because he was supposedly attacked before, undercuts his fable. This man is a liar.

And why is it that those who declare that Officer Wilson is justified have forgotten the testimony of several witnesses who consistently say that Michael Brown was shot down as he attempted to surrender? Why aren’t their stories important? Is it because they are Black?

More than likely, what we have here is a White man who believes that Black people can be treated like scum. Michael Brown, as a Black man, represents nothing more, to people like Officer Wilson, than the offspring of a sub-human criminal class. Officer Wilson is not unlike many White officers who we’ve heard about in the news lately.

In New York City a cop placed a seven months pregnant woman in a chokehold while arresting her for allegedly grilling near the sidewalk in the summer,  a pregnant woman was thrown to the ground in a separate incident by cops, and of course we have the strangling death of Garner.

As Black America has strived for justice over the decades, one of the places that White men still feel free in using violence against Black people is in the law enforcement community. Unfortunately, because White people still politically control most Black neighborhoods, they are controlled by White officers who don’t live there; many of these cops see the police they are supposed to protect as “enemies.”

There is hatred in the air.  Many people, including African Americans are still trying to avoid coming to terms with that reality. Some Black Americans are actually calling for calm when they should be ringing the alarm that systemic brutalization must end.

What the hell is wrong?

Those who lecture young Black people who are fed-up with tolerating the racist brutality of White police officers must stand up against killer cops.

The truth is those who are seeking to pacify young African Americans aren’t doing them any favor; unless they think positive change will just come without any sacrifice or risk.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X and so many others who fought to improve the lives of Black America always knew the risks—and many paid dearly with their very lives to advance the cause.

Regardless of the decision of this grand jury, Black America must realize that the war against them by racist elements continues—just as it has for decades.


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