Hard To Watch

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There is so much going on, it is enough to make your head spin….college football bowl games, professional football gearing up for the playoffs, college and professional basketball…and if you happen to have a hometown team chasing a little black puck—there is hockey….go Caps!

This is the time of the year in which we find ourselves making lists and checking them twice.  In my many years as a spectator, I’ve come to learn even sports has a down side.  With that in mind, I’ve put together a short list of things I’ve come to find uncomfortable to watch in recent weeks:

First up…LeBron James and his interactions with teammates on the court and in the huddle.  No doubt he brings invaluable leadership skills to the Cleveland Cavaliers.  But the $64,000 question is…where is the leadership the King can believe in?  First year coach David Blatt…while wildly successful overseas…came to the NBA with zero head coaching experience.  By contrast, Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra was without that same experience….but he had the full support of none other than Pat Riley.  And anybody who knows anything about basketball knows that if Pat Riley has your back…well then, more than enough has been said!

Next on the list…Heisman Trophy winner RGIII arrived in the nation’s capital as nothing less than a golden child.  What a difference a few years…and a couple of unfortunate injuries can make.  Fast forward to today….Robert Griffin faces an uncertain future with the Washington Redskins.  I hope he has learned a lesson whether he remains with Washington or goes elsewhere.  If you find yourself in strained relationships with coaches, players and a fan base….it isn’t everybody else…it just might be you!

At least that is only player and one team.  What has become painfully uncomfortable to watch is the entire NFC South Division.  All roads looks as though the division winner will take a below 500 record to the playoffs.  If that is indeed the case…the Falcons, Saints, Panthers & Buccaneers should be very thankful this holiday season the league does not have bylaws preventing such foolishness from occurring. 

Lastly, perhaps the most wince inducing sight is ANY defender attempting to stop Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch…ouch!

As is the case with most things, I expect this list to work itself out…LeBron James, in his admirable pseudo Bill Russell persona, will help get Cleveland back to the land they haven’t seen since he left---the playoffs (Beware Eastern Conference teams—the Wizards are charging full speed ahead, with a list of their own!)….RGII just might have found a second wind in D.C---setting the stage for even higher expectations next  year….somebody will emerge from the NFC South with a less than spectacular record—the name of the game is to make it to the playoffs though....bringing dignity back to the division is something all four teams undoubtedly will task themselves with in 2015…and eventually somebody will tackle Marshawn...when?--I don’t know.

Happy Holidays!






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