OJ Won’t Go Away

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[OJ Reprise]

Without Cochran and jurors seeking vengeance for his murder trial acquittal can OJ pull another surprise or is the case, as his lawyer suggests, very questionable and weak?

Orenthal James "O. J." Simpson is again in legal troubles. 

On Sunday, OJ was arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit robbery, robbery, burglary, two counts of assault, kidnapping and coercion all with a deadly weapon.

Allegedly, OJ and others he met at a reception went to reclaim some of his sport memorabilia stolen from him years ago which were conveniently in collectible dealer Alfred Beardsley’s Las Vegas hotel room.

Here we go again! It was reported that he did not want to involve the police in the operation because since his acquittal law enforcement have not wanted to work with him. This time there’s no Johnnie Cochran. He is facing serious jail time. OJ was held without bail until his Wednesday arraignment. A flight risk and no ties to Las Vegas community are the reasons sited for the no bail decision. 

He was released when he made his $125,000 bail through a bond bailsman. No plea was entered at this time but OJ in due back in court on October 22, 2007.

All this some 13 years after the double murder trial dubbed “The Trial of the Century” held the nation’s television programming hostage and the civil case’s verdict which interrupted President Clinton’s State of the Union Address.

Many people thought, hoped and some may have prayed, that that was the last the public would be forced to hear about OJ, his children, Nicole Brown, her family and the Goldman family.

In 2006, OJ wrote a book called “If I Did It”. After a firestorm, the original release was cancelled and its rights were awarded through a Florida bankruptcy court to the Goldman family to satisfy an unpaid civil judgment.  The Goldman family has renamed the book “If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer”.

If this case goes to trial the $64,000 question is can OJ and his lawyers find an impartial jury?  Simpson’s lawyers would have to select jurors that were not born or too young to remember the infamous televised white Ford Bronco slow speed police chase that was indelibly etched in the public’s mind. 

The lengthy trial that dragged the public along kicking and screaming as OJ modeled a  glove, witnesses smiled for the cameras, a judge cried and quit and the media critiqued Marsha Clark’s hairstyles ending in the verdict that left a bitter after-taste with far too many people whether they were “pro OJ or not”. 

This pool of jurors born on or after 1994 would be further reduced so that it did not include any of those that have read “If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer” which is currently on sale on Amazon.com.

Any hope of finding people that are not biased is either slim or now dashed. That’s why OJ will have to pay his lawyers the big bucks. It’s a good thing he has his pensions totaling up to $30,000 a month coming in now.  He flew home to Florida economy class. 

You never know how long this trial will last and with each billable hour the price tag goes up. It was reported that the Goldman family are interested in obtaining the memorabilia that OJ went to reclaim. This latest OJ saga will continued to unravel for sure. This could be the most media covered robbery case ever.

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