The Ecstacy of the 'Jackal' Frampton

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The Ecstasy of the 'Jackal' Frampton

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Distinio Lois, Jr.

He was the overwhelming underdog because no one believed in this unknown visitor from Belfast, Northern Ireland even though he was undefeated-22-0, 14 knockouts- and was the I.B.F. Super Bantamweight Champion but now, Carl “The Jackal” Frampton is the new W.B.A. Featherweight Champion of the World.

Just like the epic ancient battle of David and Goliath this 5’5” gutsy warrior challenged 5’ 7 ½ “‘Goliath’-Leo Santa Cruz and defeated him by a majority decision, 114/114- 116/112-117/111. Frampton is the first Irish fighter in boxing history to win 2 world titles in 2 different weight divisions, but it was not easy.

This championship fight at the Barclays Arena, Saturday, July 30th 2016 was a classic fistic ring war –phone booth style-from the very first round to the final 12th round between 2 never-say-die elite fighters who never gave up pounding each other until the final bell.

This fight could very well be a candidate for fight of the year.

The ecstatic new champ stated loud and clear, “I told you I could do it, I wasn’t going to be denied my shot at history. I worked too hard, and with Barry McGuigan in my corner I knew I could not fail”.

Frampton stated further, “Our plan was to slug and then move out of Santa Cruz’ punching range and box. That was how we knew we could beat him. He is a great fighter and if he wants a re-match I’ll give it to him in Belfast, but, it will have to be for more than the $500 thousand dollar purse that I just received”.

A despondent Santa Cruz stated that he felt that even though the fight was close he knew that he had won, and of course he wanted a re-match but in Los Angeles if not, he will go to Belfast if he had to.

“I may have lost but now I know how to beat him. I should’ve boxed him like my father told me to instead of slugging with him like I wanted to.” The fact is that Santa Cruz in trying to out ‘macho’ Frampton was really beaten at his own game. You don’t slug with a slugger you, box him.

The roar of the almost 10, 000 fans with a heavy Irish contingent, which included the first lady of boxing, Actress Rosie Perez, was proof that Lou Di Bella’s, Di Bella Entertainment Promotion Company is giving New York the best fights with his cadre of super talented boxers under his management.

I heard comments that this fight could possibly create a trilogy just like Ali vs. Frazier, Gatti vs. Ward, Morales vs. Barrera, or Pacquiao vs. Marquez-4times-because of the exciting give and take action, with each combatant rocking each other and the close decision leaving the fans thirsty for a re-match.

Black Star News gave the fight to Santa Cruz by only 1 point, 116/115, and the draw decision by Judge Guido Cavalieri 114/114, was fare, but it questions Judge Tom Schreck’s 117/111 score actually giving Frampton the first 5 rounds. Judge Frank Lombardi’s score of 116/112 was also questionable since the fight was indeed very close. Strangely enough, all 3 judges gave Santa Cruz only 3 rounds which included rounds 6&7 on their cards.

Maybe they were impressed by the pro Frampton Irish crowd or his harder punches and the fact that he almost knocked Santa Cruz down in the 2nd round with a powerful left hook, or perhaps his tenacious ring generalship.

The exciting main event was supported by other fights that were also of interest to the fans .

Come backing Mickey Garcia after a 2 ½ year lay-off & former 126 & 130 W.B.O. Champion, 35-0, 29 knockouts, made his return to the ring wars a successful one by knocking out former W.B.C. 126 Pound Champ Elio Rojas, 23-4, 14 k.o.’s in 2:02 of the 5th round.

Fighting at 138 pounds Garcia indicated that he will now campaign in the 135 pound division with his eyes on the lightweight-135 lb.-crown, saying “that now that I have gotten rid of the ring rust I want to challenge for another world title.”

Sentimental Brooklyn fan favorite, former I.B.F. 140 Lb. & W.B.C. Welterweight Champ and also Showtime Cable boxing Analyst, Paulie Malignaggi, 36-7, 7 k.o.’s, ‘double-dipped’ last night by fighting fellow Brooklynite Gabriel “Tito” Bracero, 24-2, 5 knockouts.

Malignaggi defeated Bracero by a close unanimous decision and then reported for duty in the Showtime Broadcast booth.

The delight of the night of this great fight card was beautiful female fighting machine also from Brooklyn, Amanda Serrano,28-1-1, 21 knockouts & current W.B.O. World Female Featherweight Champion scoring a first round knockout defending her title against, Calixta Silgado, 14-6-3, 9 k.o.’s from Tolu, Colombia.

Amanda and her sister Cindy, 24-5-3, 10 k.o.’s, and also a world champ-U.B.F. Super Featherweight Champion-are the only 2 sister boxing stars that are also world champs.

There wasn’t a disappointed person at the Barclays last night except Leo Santa Cruz who realized he made a great mistake changing his battle plans.

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