Kell "The Special One" Brook's Impossible Ring Mission

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Kell “The Special One” Brook’s Impossible Ring Mission

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Distinio Lois, Jr.

Just like the famous TV series and actor Tom Cruise’s movies, “Mission Impossible”, I.B.F. Welterweight Champion Kell Brook is on a collision course to perhaps, his first boxing defeat when he faces the most feared man in the ring, Gennady “3G” Golovkin, Saturday, September 10, 2016, at the 02 Arena, London, England, a sold-out boxing classic.

When Brook’s proposed unification championship fight with W.B.O. 147 pound champ Jessie Vargas was not finalized, he then challenged 3G Golovkin for his 4 Middleweight Title belts- W.B.A., W.B.C., I.B.F., & I.B.O.-since 3G’s 2 proposed fights with Saul “El Canelo” Alvarez and then Chris Eubanks, Jr. were also cancelled.

The undefeated Brook in a courageous move insisted that the fight be contracted at Golovkin’s natural 160 pound weight instead of the all too common, “catch-weight” agreement, stating that he would move up 2 weight levels.

This challenge provoked memories of the recent fistic disaster when Amir Khan 147 pounder, moved up 2 weight levels and fought hard hitting W.B.C. & Ring Magazine Middleweight Champ Canelo Alvarez and was knocked unconscious in the 6th round. Boxing experts began to classify this fight as another, money making but dangerous mis-match.

Not surprisingly, although Golovkin is still the overwhelming favorite, Brook has added weight, muscles by weightlifting and demonstrated punching power in his training camp to create the possibility that he could actually score a major upset and defeat the middleweight machine of destruction, Golovkin.

During the mandatory London Boxing Commission’s examination of both boxers 30 days ago, Brook had bulked up to 176 pounds while Golovkin only weighed 165 pounds.

Brook stated that now that he did not have to starve to make the 147 pound weight level he felt stronger and by fight time he would be at the required 160 pounds.

“I enjoy going up in weight more than to starve to go down in weight and be weak,” declared Brook.

Brook further stated, “I have knockout power that 3G has not felt and with the added weight I’ll be stronger”.

Kell Brook, who defeated Shawn Porter to win the I.B.F. 147 pound crown, has an undefeated record of 36-0, 25 knockouts and is a super defensive boxer with a lot of speed. Could Golovkin , 35-0, 32 knockouts with the choir boy look who is fighting in Brook’s home town of London adjust to him and beat him? Good question!

That is the repeated question as fight time gets closer although it is a known factor that 3G is a methodical hard hitting fighter who punishes his opponents from head to body, and also has a powerful and accurate jab in his arsenal of punches.

They both boast of an impressive fight record but it is an obvious conclusion that someone’s “0” is going to go. The experts stated, “Don’t expect a draw”.

Golokin has a knockout ratio of 91.4 % and has scored 23 straight knockouts, could Brook withstand such punishment round after round and survive. Again, the experts don’t think so.

“This is a career welterweight-a 147 pounder-that will now feel the hard punishing punches of a career middleweight. Golovkin is a destroyer in that ring from round to round making him very dangerous from the 1st to the 12th round,” stated Abel Sanchez, Golovkin’s long time trainer.

“I don’t see the fight going more than 6 rounds because Gennady will make it a phone booth street fight”, Sanchez stated further.

Some experts believe that Brook could box his way out of harm’s way and defeat 3G, if not knock him out in the later rounds since Golovkin has not gone the distance too often due to his power and he may lack the stamina for a 12 round fight. Brook has gone the 12 round distance more than 3G.

Kell Brook honestly believes he could defeat 3G, even knock him out. Could he accomplished the almost impossible or is he a dreamer fooling himself and his fans?

His Trainer Dominic Ingle has been talking victory ever since the fight was contracted, is he also fooling himself with false hopes? We’ll know around midnight London time who was the dreamer or that Gennady “3G” Golovkin is the real destructive ring machine.

Another championship fight on the other side of the planet, in Inglewood, California, is Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez, 45-0, 38 knockouts and current W.B.C. Flyweight champ moving up in weight ala Brook to challenge current W.B.C. Super Bantamweight Champ Carlos “El Principe” Cuadras, 35-0-1, 27 k.o.’s for his title.

This will be the 4th try by Gonzalez who has been included in the elite circle of a pound for pound champion, at attempting to win his 4th consecutive world crown.

This fight held at The Forum, Inglewood, California could also be a barn-burner because of the warrior like, pedigree of both combatants, who are also undefeated boasting of a high combined knockout record of 65.

The powerful little Nicaraguan of the ring Gonzalez, will have his hands full with the little Mexican powerhouse Cuadras who confidently stated that he will hand Gonzalez his first defeat and retain his Super Bantamweight Crown.

Black Star News feels that 3G will win by decision, but if a knockout is scored no doubt it will be by the fists of steel punisher 3G by the 8th round, because gutsy Brook will not be able to sustain the vicious punishment meted out by Golovkin.

 Additionally, in the Forum, Roman Gonzalez will be the new W.B.C. Super Bantam Weight Champion defeating Carlos Cuadras by decision if not by knockout late in the fight perhaps by the 10th round.

Fistic fireworks after the 4th of July in 2 championship fights an ocean apart.

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