NBA, NFL, NCAA: Giving Thanks

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One thing is certain, time waits for no man!  We now find ourselves in the midst of the 2016 holiday season. And what would the holidays be if acknowledgement wasn’t given to the things for which we are thankful.  In that spirit, here goes:

I’m thankful for the flow of the Warriors—they make the art of ball movement look as though it could be done while sleeping.  New season, new teammates and same old same old….watching them is still the closest thing to watching a tennis match in NBA uniforms. 

I’m thankful for memories of the good old days…when an extra point was assumed well before the ball was even snapped.  A record setting dozen missed extra points on one particular NFL Sunday….let us know those days are a thing of the past.  

I’m thankful for knowing the little things matter.  Amongst all the hoopla that surrounds a quarterback wearing THE star on its helmet, replacing an well liked yet injured started, paired with another rookie sensation on the best roll in franchise history, on national television complete with a 12th man type noise level ….Dak Prescott tossed a cup into the trash, missed, caught a glimpse of the cup on the ground, then promptly picked it up and disposed of it properly. That folks, is a sign of a young man who was raised right…just sayin

I’m thankful my Sooners fixed what ailed us & turned things around for the better.  Can’t say thoughts of the playoffs are causing sleepless nights….we have to own the two losses earlier in the season.  Trust & believe if I could wave a magic wand for a mulligan on ANY recent event, it would NOT be a football game!!

Speaking of which—I’m thankful to know the power of the vote.  Is the candidate I vote for guaranteed a spot in the winner’s circle?  Absolutely not!  Knowing the history of this county, my community in particular & the measures put in place to prevent specific persons from doing so, is the reason I vote ….on the local & national levels.  Words can not express how disappointing it was to hear Colin Kaepernick say he didn’t vote.  In a matter of seconds, those words managed to undo everything he has been kneeling for these last few months….wanting change but not being engaged in the very thing designed to bring about change is inexcusable!  There are dots….too bad Colin lacked the maturity and/or insight to connect them.

I’m thankful for the spirit of unity sports brings to strangers.  Whether it be at a local pub seated at the table next to someone donning the gear of your biggest rival and not engaging in stank eye exchanges….or taking a post brunch stroll thru neighborhood shops in Baltimore & seeing in the crowd, a fella with a cap and jacket with the letters you love most---OU!  How sweet…and rare…the words “Boomer Sooner” are on this side of the Mississippi!!

It is truly refreshing to set aside differences….political, religious and everything in between….to hoot and holler for the same team or opposing teams for a few hours, without a care in the world.  For that, I am thankful!! 

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