MLB Lockout: Owners And Players Must Think of Fans

imperative that the baseball owners and the players association quickly come to an agreement
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It seems Baseball fans will have to wait longer for a launch of spring training and possibly the start of the season as MLB owners and the player's association continue to squabble over contracts and more.

Sadly, these things are becoming far too commonplace, and are another significant bit of heartbreak for fans, especially coming out of a global pandemic. One thing fans always could count on bringing them out of the doldrums.

One man watching the situation with a keen eye and great interest is 10 Time NY best-selling author and baseball historian Peter Golenbock.

 Golenbock's new book, WHISPERS OF THE GODS was recently released and looks back lovingly the sports golden-era, as told through the greats of the game. A book that definitely will make readers and fans long for a time without constant fiscal squabbles and bargaining agreements.

“After two years of Covid, baseball fans have taken a beating, and it is imperative that the baseball owners and the players association quickly come to an agreement so the season will not be postponed," said Golenbock. "It's about time the two sides take into consideration the feelings of the men, women, and children who fill the stadiums and cheer on their home teams.”

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