Somalia Will Never Be Re-Colonized

Look at Britain, the Great names like Captain Drakes and even the famous Lord Trafalgar Nelson, and others, were in the same trade of piracy and they brought all the loot to the Treasury of the Crown for the nation to prosper.

[Global: Might Does Not Make Right]

The ingenuity of the Somali people in the 21st Century, following their endemic civil war, which decimated the country, has catapulted the worldwide movement of the citizens to many faraway lands of the Western Industrialized nations, for the benefit of the Somali country.

The Somali nation is passing through a period of new-found avenues for rapid economic development, as the world witnesses them taking on the Indian Ocean wide waters to claw back, what have for many years been a looting ground for many nations without anything being left to sustain natures resources.

Fish coral reefs and the rest, mentioned in the recent article on by Bob Astles “Captured Somali Youth Will Expose European Atrocities Against Somalia,” is rightly nature’s allocation to what became of the Somali country in 1884 at the Berlin World Conference? There, Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, organized without invitation to the various African Chiefs or their representatives, and Africa was partitioned and the wealth of the continent, including even human beings that proved to be become a lucrative commodity for trade, was divided up among European powers.

In some areas of the continent, particularly in West Africa, the United States has been mining recklessly without any reciprocal dollars coming back to pay for all the soil taken to the States for separation for fine metals.

In the case of Somali, wherever they are based in the West, Somalis are not sleeping like our Acholi people from Uganda; displaced as a result of the Western-financed and propped genocidal despot.

We have learnt nothing and are in the twilight of our existence in the world. The Somalis are busy rebuilding their country with huge inflow of invisible trade benefits, such as money transfers and transfer of capital; these are taking place at a level that would normally be impossible to contemplate through economic bilateral arrangements.

The hullabaloos about the Somali piracy is really nothing but the cry of a Wolff that used to assume that the jungle was its own lonely territory; but not the Indian Ocean any more.

Look at Britain, the Great names like Captain Drake and even the famous Lord Horatio Nelson, and others, were in the same trade of piracy and they brought all the loot to the Treasury of the Crown for the nation to prosper.

Today, one of the greatest Financial Markets in the world is London. In not too distant future, might Mogadishu, Somalia, on the East African Indian Ocean Coast, not become a Great City?

There are still a lot of resources not being exploited by the Somali people underneath the Somali Territory; which includes, gas, oil, uranium, and more, to the dismay of many of the industrialized nations in the West. They are fanning the fire of discord to delay peace is Somalia; they did the same in Uganda until they ended up with the perfect stooge, Yoweri K. Museveni, who has opened all corridors of corrupt practices to the entire world.

Woven in what America is portraying to the world through Globalization is world politics where, anywhere in the world, Uganda inclusive, the natural resources must be acquired at all cost whether local populations, such as Acholi in Uganda, are wiped out of their original territory; these human beings sit on huge deposits of uranium, oil and gas. They are seen as obstacles to wealth-attainment; off with them to Museveni’s concentration camps!

I wonder who won a decisive victory after the December 2008 Uganda invasion of Democratic Republic of Congo in pursuit of Joseph Kony. General Museveni, with U.S. military expertise failed to destroy the elusive LRA leader; he has failed for 23 years now.

In the new Post 9/11 World, sovereignty does not count; the world is at their disposal anywhere. That is the reason for following Kony into Congo, without respect for the territorial rights of Congo and Uganda; the latter has become a plotting factory for operations throughout Africa. The epicenter of the virus to occupy Africa.

The Old African Chiefs once sold their subjects to slavery out of greed, for wealth creation in the Western world, building the middle classes. It was later –too late—that the Old African Chiefs realized that they had paved the way for colonial authorities, whose long term interests were to develop their own countries.

Today when the Somali are questioning those countries on their territory, the African sons of the continent are being referred to as “pirates.” History is repeating itself in the 21st Century.

President Barack Obama may now be wishing he had allowed Hillary Clinton to become president. The chair is burning from underneath. Is there any change we can believe in today? The euphoria has died in 100 days and the outlook is bleak as ever. I have not heard of any foreign policy statement on African problems.

Meanwhile, the Taliban have started capturing more territories and the Alliance Nations of Europe are refusing to send their sons and daughters into a war that they know will never end during President Obama’s eight –or four– years in office.

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