ShiNuh Gets Her Respect

“For African American women it is hard nowadays to say you are a model,â€? ShiNuh says. “You can’t turn to a hip hop video or Urban Magazine without seeing sex. I want to be a model. Respected

Where She’s From: Gorgeous ShiNuh was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York City—capital of the world. “I’ve learned that I am capable of accomplishing anything,â€? ShiNuh tells The Black Star News. “My brother taught me that I can create my own reality.â€?

She attended John Jay High School where she majored in law. While studying there, ShiNuh joined the Fashion Team. “I felt at home there, I wanted to be a lawyer growing up but I fell head over heels with modeling,� she says, with a laugh. “It gave me peace and joy. I felt like I belonged. My classmates would ask me to teach them how to walk although I was still learning myself.�

She decided to create her own destiny and take control of her life and career. “My parents no longer had the time, so I invested my time into shooting with photographers, styling my own wardrobe, creating themes to help make my images stand out,� she says. “It was an accidental destiny, being an art director and stylist.� She also runs her own business, Shi-Nuh Dollz Productions, where she is an Art Director and Stylist.

Where She’s At:
ShiNuh describes her career now at the “middle stageâ€?—so close but still having so much to learn. “I’ve learned mostly from experience. Some people I know gave up on their dreams from their transitions in life—relationships, family issues, financial situations, things moving in slow motion,â€? she adds. “But to me there will always be obstacles. If you continue to believe in yourself you will see what you have accomplished and you won’t turn back, and you will find a way to continue to make it through.â€?

ShiNuh loves being an entrepreneur and coming with new ideas. “I once created t-shirts with my images on it, I was told by friends no one will buy a shirt with my picture on it,� she says, with a laugh. “I am proud to say, I set up shop at neighborhood venues and fairs and sold out.�

Where She’s Heading: She envisions herself on Bill Boards and in Ad campaigns that includes magazines, Television, and film, either as model, art director or wardrobe stylist. “For African American women it is hard nowadays to say you are a model,â€? ShiNuh says. “You can’t turn to a hip hop video or Urban Magazine without seeing sex. I want to be a model. Respected, whether I am in a bikini or wool coat. I want to create and share my vision of art with the world.â€?

This month, ShiNuh is featured on Hype Hair Magazine, as both a model and stylist. “I call this killing two birds with one stone,� she says. “To me that shows my talent is appreciated.� She is also on Heaven Is A Lifestyle Audio Book Cover by: Lavish Scars and she has coordinated 15 Fashion Shows while managing a team of young models in 2006.  

Like others in the industry, ShiNuh warns younger aspirants to beware. “Beauty can get you only so far,� she says. “Without brainpower you can be manipulated from lack of knowledge.�

This is how ShiNuh gets dressed to kill. “I like all kinds of clothing it depends on my mood. But I am a fan of designer Roberto Cavalli, I love the scent of Jadore, Escada, and Bvlgari for woman,â€? she says. “I love lotions by Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works. I rarely wear sneakers but I love my colorful high top ol’skool ADDIDIAS. Love pumps and pointy stilettos.â€?

ShiNuh’s Words Of Wisdom:
“What is a dream without waking up? It’s only a Dream, so wake up go after your Dreams. Don’t Give Up—If you do there will always be someone who will pick up where you left off.â€?
ShiNuh’s Secrets Of Success: “Trusting God to lead me, and believing that I can do it. Learning from my experience. Watching how successful ones did it.  I stopped talking and began acting on it.�
ShiNuh’s Favorite All Time Three Movies: “Dream Girls, Cinderella Story, featuring Brandy Noorwood and Whitney Houston, and Lean On Me, featuring Morgan Freeman.�
ShiNuh’s Favorite All Time Three Books: “The Holy Bible, Heaven is A Lifestyle Audio Book by: Lavish Scars, and The Coldest Winter Ever by: Sista Soulja.�
The First Three Things ShiNuh Would Do As President Of USA: “Feed The Hungry, shelter the homeless, and have more job opportunities.�
ShiNuh’s Observations One Day At End Of Career: “When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say ‘I used every thing you gave me.’�

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