Sensi’il Studios: First Black Comics Studio in Iowa Town

Basi Affia launched his own comics production company, Sensi'il Studios, in Des Moines, Iowa

Photo: We Buy Black:

What do you do when you’re tired of not seeing Black representation in the content you enjoy? You create it! 
That’s exactly what Basi Affia did. As a writer and comics fan, Basi Affia launched his own comics production company, Sensi’il Studios, in Des Moines, Iowa—a town with fewer than 30,000 Black people. As far as Basi Affia knows, his studio is the first of its kind in his hometown.
Sensi’il Studios publishes books and webtoons that are rooted in Pan-African science fiction and fantasy. Basi Affia uses Black, Latino, and Asian voice actors to voice his characters. He’s working on producing more content in 2023.
Let’s support Basi Affia in building up his studio to create positive Black representation in the comics world!
You can donate, purchase merchandise, or read some of his work for free online.
Visit Sensi’il Studios:
Visit the We Buy Black Website:

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