Rural Georgia Holds The Key to Winning Georgia Runoffs

Bruce C. Carter began a state-wide tour of Georgia with the intention of promoting the importance of voting during the January 5

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In December, 2020, Your Hour of Power (YHOP) designer and political expert, Bruce C. Carter began a state-wide tour of Georgia with the intention of promoting the importance of voting during the January 5th senatorial runoff election in Georgia.

Carter visited every county within Georgia with the intention of meeting with the everyday citizen whose typically not heard or vocal. These citizens typically are restaurant workers, retail works, farmers, DJ’s and rural blue collar workers.

All eyes are on Georgia as the race for the final two U.S. Senate seats lie in the hands of rural Georgia voters. The races are gaining national attention because if the Republicans want to keep control of the Senate, they must win both seats. If the Democrats win both seats, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, a Democrat, would be the tie-breaker.

Carter designed Your Hour of Power a/k/a YHOP with the intention of giving the voiceless a platform to express their needs from the government and to educate the same population on what the candidates stand for. “Education and visibility is key. In order to bring change, the people must be heard and participate in the political process. Their lack of voice and trust in the government is why we are battling today as country.” Stated by YHOP designer Bruce C. Carter.

YHOP is an innovative and data-driven media platform that strives to provide unbiased, fact based, informative, investigative and community pertinent information to urban and rural communities. The platform provides syndication benefits for socially responsible individuals and companies in the advertising and marketing industry. These individuals and companies are known as YHOP Partners. YHOP is owned by CIH Media Partners which are independent internet radio stations, journalists, bloggers, social influencers and community activators.

Your Hour of Power will revolutionize the advertising industry through its gamification and socially conscious platform while providing income opportunities for thousands. YHOP is the only mass communication platform that provides Visual, Audio, Social and Print with on-demand capabilities as it relates to polls and surveys. YHOP also has the capability to oversee promotional events on a local or national level.

Your Hour of Power platform was designed to provide a place where the forgotten, local hard-working entrepreneurs and go-getters come to make money while empowering their community. The above demographic is called CIH Media Partners.

Each CIH Media Partner will be provided tips on how to increase listeners, sales and follower engagements. CIH Media Partners will have an opportunity to receive a portion of the 1.2 Trillion dollar advertising and the 118 Billion dollar marketing industry.

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