Road To Nowhere: Democrats Dream Impeachment As Trump, Idiot Savant, Plans for 2024 Run


Donald Trump. Writer believes Trump will go to extreme measures to cling to power. 


(The article is excerpted from Dr. McIntosh’s upcoming book “The Unauthorized Psychoanalysis of Donald J. Trump”) 

According to Freud, dreams, ordinary dreams, not nightmares are simply wish fulfillment. We dream of what we want and whether we know it consciously or not we want what we dream. In the wake of the nightmare that the Trump presidency has become, Trump’s opponents have taken to dreaming rather than planning to remove Trump from office. The Democrats appear to be trying to hand Trump the 2020 election on a silver platter as they call for an impeachment hearing that is destined to go absolutely nowhere. The futility of the Democrats’ impeachment fantasy is not apparent to them at this moment because the polls are saying Trump is in trouble. Social media is saying Trump is in trouble. 

Even Fox News is reporting that Trump is in trouble. 

The U.S. Constitution, however, suggests he is not. The only way that he can be removed from office via impeachment is to be found guilty by two-thirds of the U.S. senate. That will not happen for Trump with the Republicans controlling the Senate. Two thirds of a Republican Majority Senate did not even vote the Democrat Bill Clinton out office after he had been caught with evidence of the smoking gun, or perhaps smoking cigar, variety. Rightly or wrongly when the smoke clears this time, the Democrats’ front runner, former Vice President Joe Biden will share Monica’s fate of being collaterally damaged, that is permanently smeared without being the alleged target. 

One can’t even imagine that Speaker Nancy Pelosi would launch a scheme this obtuse to move Biden out of the way of Senator Elizabeth Warren or perhaps Senator Cory Booker. No, not even in a Democratic nightmare. After the failed impeachment Democrats will stay away from the polls and the Republicans will get a bump for winning the trial and their traditional bump from the Republican convention.

Anybody who believes that the Republicans will voluntarily give up running their incumbent president, the most recognizable name on the planet, in 2020 is  dreaming. No in fact, the Republicans may have even bigger plans than a victory in 2020. Trump has joked more than once about staying in office beyond this current term and next term. 

His post-election rallies were dismissed by dreamers as inept self-soothing indulgences following defeats. Critics initially labeled them ridiculous and implied they were a result of Trump not knowing how to make the transition from pre-election to post election. Trump’s repartee that he was rallying for the 2020 election is only half the story. Trump and the Republicans are already planning for 2024 while the dreamers are dreaming that either the 22nd amendment or 25th amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects them against that nightmare. 

Flake to Trump: Seek Life Elsewhere. Trump’s response: “G.I. Jane” Wake Up! There are a number of ways around the 22nd Amendment which sets two terms as the limit for the office of President. Remember why the Republicans got that amendment passed in the first place. It was their response to Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s four elections to the office. They got it passed by Congress in 1947 and got it ratified by the states by 1951. Republicans control around 32 out of 50 state legislatures and 33 of the gubernatorial seats. They are in great shape to amend the constitution. Dreamers want to dismiss Trump as an idiot without giving him his full title. Yes, he is an idiot, but a special kind of idiot, called an idiot savant. 

That is, he is a person with patently obvious deficits but one particularly outstanding talent. What is that talent? It is getting what he wants by any means necessary, lying if that will work, payoffs if that will do the trick, bullying or grabbing them by the genitals if that’s what will work. He doesn’t only grab women as he bragged before winning the presidency. In a quite different way, he grabs men also. This is perhaps best exemplified in his handling of Senators Jeff Flake and John McCain. After receiving criticism from these Senators, Trump held one of these supposedly self-soothing rallies in their home state of Arizona and demonstrated to Flake and McCain that Trump’s brand of Republicanism is in control. Soon after that, Flake announced that he would not seek re-election.

According to numerous sources including The New York Times, Trump said that he favors the idea of becoming president for life. Regarding that, the Times quotes him as saying, “I think it’s great. Maybe we’ll want to give that a shot someday.” No good analyst would take lightly Trump’s choice of words “give that a shot.” His plan for staying in office beyond current term limits could conceivably involve a great number of shots.

After all, Trump has surrounded himself with Generals, Navy Seals and paramilitary types. By now everyone is familiar with the names of Trump’s current and past advisors with military backgrounds. A partial list includes General John Kelly as Secretary of Homeland Security, General James “Mad Dog” Mattis as Secretary of Defense, General Michael Flynn, National Security Advisor, was replaced in the wake of lying about the Russian scandal, Mike Pompeo former Army Captain and West Point Graduate, as director of the Central Intelligence Agency, and now Secretary of State, former Army Reserve captain Sen. Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, Steve Bannon, former Naval lieutenant–equivalent of a captain in the Army–Trump’s chief strategist, and Commander Ryan Zinke a former Navy Seal, and former “Dean” of the graduate school at the Naval Special Warfare Advanced Training Command as Secretary of the Interior. 

What people don’t know, however, is that the fictional character GI Jane, the first woman to join the Navy Seals was a story based on the life of cabinet member Betsy DeVos. No just joking, but you know what Freud said about jokes. I don’t, but I am sure it might be relevant in this case. Betsy was never a Seal or to this author’s knowledge a paramilitary leader. However, she is the secretary of education. Her paramilitary association is that she is the sister of paramilitary guru Erik Prince who was a navy seal and the founder of the notorious Blackwater later renamed Xe and later Academi. Militarily Trump has had all his cards stacked, pun totally intended, to remain in control of the U.S. Government.

Reverse or Bass Ackwards Psychology: Last year One of my mentors, revealed to me as brilliant a dream as I have heard. He assured me of Trump’s impending demise with a very creative argument to explain the Trump-military phenomenon. His dream was literally reality in reverse. He assured me that the Generals had placed themselves around Trump to protect the country against Trump’s ineptitude and impairment. I am sure that by now the fates of Mattis, McMasters and Flynn have awakened him as to who is actually in charge.

Triple Canopy Strategies: The people from Blackwater, or Xe or whatever they will be called in the future will do the kinds of things they have done in the past everywhere from Iraq, to New Orleans and New York. They will do them under the canopy of a natural disaster, terrorism, riots, or perhaps under cover of all three. Triple Canopy is the name of the security firm that just merged with Academi (Blackwater). You will never be able to keep up with all the names of these firms or the tactics that Trump or his surrogates will use to activate these firms.

During Katrina, Blackwater and other private security firms were deputized by the Governor of Louisiana with the authority to shoot “looters.” Just substitute the word rioters or illegal immigrants and you can foresee future Martial Law scenarios in the United States. Trump is threatening to declare a national emergency in order to build his wall. This subverting of the will of congress is the harbinger of Martial Law.

Nancy Pelosi seemed to be the only one who had caught on, until recently being one of the only ones advising against the Democrats spinning their wheels on impeachment. She recognized and even accused Trump of wanting to Abolish Congress. That is exactly right. The fact that American troops have been lobbing tear gas canisters into another country seems to have gone unnoticed by the American Public. Wars have been fought for less.

Wars as one sided as Hitler’s invasion of Czechoslovakia under a pretense are excellent pretexts for imposing Martial Law. They provide excellent canopy for the actions of paramilitary alt right groups such as seen in Charlottesville. 

New York Has Sugar in Its Tank: Michael Montgomery who says he headed a private security firm called Body Guard and Tactical Security (BATS) bragged in an interview with Jeremy Scahill in a quote published by Democracy Now that during the Katrina ordeal in New Orleans he and his comrades had “opened  fire…(with) AR-15 assault rifles and Glock 9’s” against people he described as Black gang-bangers. When asked if they had killed them, he said “I heard a lot of moaning and screaming, and the shooting stopped—That was it enough said.” His description sounded a great deal like what had happened at another overpass called Danziger Bridge where in the aftermath of Katrina, New Orleans police were prosecuted for wounding a family of four and killing two. One of those they killed was a mentally disabled man whom they stomped and kicked after shooting him in the back with a shotgun.

Montgomery admitted that while doing security work in New York around the Daily News strike he had engaged in dirty tricks against the strikers. He had disabled the cars of 40 strikers including Juan Gonzalez by putting sugar in their cars’ gas tanks. In Iraq, Blackwater Security Consulting, a.k.a. Xe, a.k.a Academi, in one incident killed 17 innocent civilians and injured 20 more at Nosour Square, Baghdad. 

Rudy and Rudier: Troops trump paper, but just in case, Trump also has gained control of the paper otherwise known as the U.S. constitution. He has this control via the final arbiter of the Constitution, the Supreme Court. Trump will win on appeal any convictions the dreamers may dream would come down the pike from the now almost forgotten investigation of special prosecutor Robert Mueller. Trump’s private attorney Rudolph Giuliani has already answered a question that makes that question moot. When asked if he thought Trump had the right to pardon himself for crimes, Giuliani answered “Probably.” Trump, ever the savant, took it one step further, tweeting, “As has been stated by numerous legal scholars, I have the absolute right to PARDON myself.” So while the dreamers imagine Trump losing power in their dream world, Trump the Idiot Savant has insulated himself against losing power in the concrete real world both legally and extra-legally.

The asylum has been taken over and the lunatics are in charge. They have a majority of state legislatures, a majority of Governors, a majority of Senators and a majority of justices in the Supreme Court and most importantly a majority of guns. Strength oriented assessment I had a nightmare last night. In my nightmare it is 2020 and the world is predicting Trump’s defeat in the election. In the days before the election even as some of Trump’s most loyal supporters criticize him, Donald Trump the savant, the narcissist, the idiot has succeeded again.

Addendum: Many events have occurred since this chapter was written. Dr. McIntosh offers one Caveat  for some and glimmer of hope for others regarding the scenario he has draw involving repeal of the  22nd amendment and an eventual dictatorship under Trump. Dr. McIntosh advises that   although Trump has gotten away with angering the Democratic Party and perhaps the entire U.S. congress on multiple occasions, this  idiot savant has possibly made  one  literally  fatal mistake. He has angered the American intelligence community, e.g. CIA and FBI.  They have more experience with removing leaders than the US Congress. e.g. Thomas Sankara, Patrice Lumumba, Salvador Allende, Manuel Noriega, Moumar Khadafi, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and John Kennedy. On the other hand warns McIntosh, Trump may have even taken this into consideration deciding that the Mossad, the Mafia and the KGB  all organizations with which  Trump appears to have strong ties, are every bit the equal of the CIA and FBI and can in some way protect him. Dr. McIntosh will have more remarks about this at CEMOTAP’s annual luncheon on November 16 at t 2:00 PM at Robert Ross Johnson Family Life Center located at 172-17 Linden Boulevard, Jamaica NY 11432.






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