Rise & Kendall Gill As Pugilist

Here is something else you didn’t know, Kendall Gill, NBA superstar, is embarking upon a three fight boxing career. The classy Gill (one of sports best dressed and intelligent athletes) called me early two Mondays ago. He was giving me an exclusive. Gill said he has always loved the "Sweet Science."

Roger Mayweather and the New England Patriots came through in championship style like the champs they are. Mayweather’s fight two Saturday ago proved he is a champion. He was the best fighter around “pound for pound” at least in the Doctha’s book it was just fine.

Mayweather seems quite comfortable at his new weight. A throw down with Arturo Gatti would prove to be a classic. Talk, about a clash with either “Sugar” Shane Mosley or the golden boy Oscar De La Hoya who is at the welterweight level of 147 pounds. I see him beating Mosley. He and Oscar in the ring is also a good match but I lean toward Oscar the “Golden Boy” to win that one.

The Human Highlight Film: Arturo Gatti knocked out Jesse James Leija last weekend at Ballys’ on The Boardwalk, in Atlantic City. Buddy McGirt, (Gatti’s trainer) also has Muhammad Ali’s lovely daughter in his training stable. DiBella Entertainment and Broadway Boxing kicked off another great show Friday, January 28th, at Manhattan Center. Lou Dibella and crew had a special media call as Lou and company continue to venture into the world of sports and entertainment to bring viewers both excitement and unique events. Love those Friday night fights at Manhattan Center. It’s where boxing, as boxing, should be.

What more is there to say about the New England Patriots? I told you they take mistakes and make the opposing team pay for them. And, in most cases right a way. Surely, that was the case when they just killed the Pittsburgh Steelers in a matter of minutes. The game was over after the first two New England scores. They took a Pittsburgh interception and turned it into a field goal and three points. Then on the very next series, when the Steelers fumbled the football, they scored a touchdown and the game was over right there 10-0. It might as well have been 100-0. You see the champs turned Jerome Bettis’s (Steelers super running back and person) fumble into points. The game before, the New York Jets simply made Bettis’s fumble — a dropped ball; no harm, no foul. And another thing — is the media just realizing that the Steelers had a rookie quarterback all year long? Come on! The Steelers running game and defense had been carrying them all season long.

The Patriots remind me of the old great Miami Dolphins’ crew, coached by the great Don Shula. Nobody knew their names but you could simply call them all ‘champions’. New England quarterback, Tom Brady, works like a machine. He is not a football player but rather a hit man, an assassin. He is a leader, a winner and typifies the character, spirit and heart of his team. How does that song go? “We are the champions.” Until proven otherwise, New England is just that.

Eagles need super receiver Terrell Owens to top champs in the Super Bowl. Even more so, now that Philly will be missing their tight end. Philly can win since they have the style needed to beat the Champs. But my pick is……I’ll let that be my secret…but I will tell you later.

Did anybody notice Tiger Woods shot 16 under par? Woods came from two strokes back and won by three strokes two weekends ago. Mr. Woods is about ready to do the do in 2005. Hello, Cliff Brown, New York Times golf beat writer! Daily News’s Mike Lupica saluting Roger Clemens. Hey Mike, “Rocket” is not worth 18 million. Come on! A guy that pitches every 5th day and maybe just 5 innings! Plus, didn’t he lose both the All-Star game and that final playoff game for Astro’s in the playoffs? Also two things here, Sandy Koufax in a four year span went 97-27,1.86 ERA, threw three no hitters and struck out over 1200 batters. Koufax won 70 more games than he lost and in 1965 and 1966 had 54 complete games, 27 per year. He pitched every fourth day to the likes of Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Frank Robinson, Pete Rose, Ernie Banks and Roberto Clemente. “Rocket” is great but he ain’t no Sandy Koufax or Tom Seaver. Imagine Koufax or Seaver on the Yankee team Clemens won his Cy Young Award on. Heck, Sandy and “Tom Terrific” would have been undefeated, maybe won 30 games.

Did I mention Bob Gibson and Juan Marchical? It is about time the Philadelphia Eagles moved to the next level. Fans feel good for them. Ever since it was assured that the Atlanta Falcons, Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles were all in the playoffs, the math said an African American quarterback would finally make it back into the Super Bowl. “Michael Vick has no help” stated a fan at my favorite Deli ‘Angels’ where Tampa Bay Singh Fran and Maurean provide the world’s best service. The fan felt that Vick is a one man show and could use a little help from his teammates. We both agreed that Mr. Vick is the game’s best and most exciting player. Also, did you know that although he throws the football southpaw, Vick does everything else right handed? Didn’t think you did.

Did you know, Larry Bird, NBA great, Brooks Robinson and Andre Dawson, baseball greats, all are southpaws?
Here is something else you didn’t know, Kendall Gill, NBA superstar, is embarking upon a three fight boxing career. The classy Gill (one of sports best dressed and intelligent athletes) called me early two Mondays ago. He was giving me an exclusive. Gill said he has always loved the “Sweet Science.” As a youth, he used to go to the gym daily but when his family moved from the inner city into the outer city he couldn’t get into the gym like he wanted. I thought he was calling to talk boxing. He was and how. “Tito Trinidad is my favorite fighter,” stated Gill. “Although, Ali is number one of course,” added the NBA star. Gill also stated that Roy Jones Jr., will stage a comeback and Evander “The Real Deal” Holyfield is added to the list of his favorite fighters. Gill claims he has had a long time desire to enter the squared circle. He stated he will fight as a cruiserweight and doesn’t see his age as a drawback. “If any NBA player wants to get into shape let them train with me,” says Gill who has been planning his ring career for some time. In fact his reason for playing last season with the Milwaukee Bucks was to be close to his Chicago home. Gill claims a return to the NBA would have to be due to the right situation, right team and right offer. Gill feels that once teams see what kind of shape he is in, his age, won’t be a factor. He indicated he is a bit turned off by the lack of fundamental skills of players in the NBA today as well as their self centered selfish traits. He also thinks the stepping down of New York Knicks former head coach, NBA legend Lennie Wilkins, was maybe induced.

Gill claims he is happy for new coach Herb Williams. Wilkins is a graduate of the once legendary and famed Brooklyn high school, Boys High School. Connie Hawkins, NBA great and legend, baseball great Tommie Davis and composer Aaron Copeland also graduated from the same high school, as did yours truly. In those days it was an all male school.
Gill will be trained in the fight game by Michael Gracia who trains the outstanding David Diaz. ‘Eight Count Productions’ will be his promoter. Gill plans to have the first of his three encounters during the last part of April or early part of May. Hey, champ… we’ll be there! Thanks for the exclusive and we are in your corner 200%.
The New York Mets had a special media call to kick off their ‘Mets Caravan’ this past Tuesday which was held at the ‘Tribute’. It’s quite a unique spot, located at 24 Broadway (Willie Mays’ number).

You know it’s amazing that there are more oriental media covering baseball than you have players, in both New York and major league baseball. Hey, didn’t Jackie Robinson open the gates to minorities? I thought so. Seems like Robinson had an impact and it’s a positive thing to see. Happy Birthday wishes to Tariq Isaiah Stanley, my grandson. His was on the 25th. He turned 3 going on 17. Get well wishes to the greatest sports artist of the 20th century LeRoy Neiman, who is having some back problems. Also, good luck and well wishes to Donald Trump in his third marriage and her first.



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