Reggae Artist Macka B Releases Song To “Kick Racism Out Of Football” In England And Europe

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Macka B’s new single “Kick Racism Out Of Football” takes aim at racism in European soccer…
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Reggae artist Macka B above with Rap legend Fredro Starr, of Onyx, in Los Angeles, in 2018…

Reggae artist Macka B has joined the fight against racism in European soccer [also called football] with his recently released single entitled “Kick Racism Out Of Football.”

Macka B’s song was inspired by Manchester City soccer player Raheem Sterling who stood firm against the racist verbal taunts fans of the Chelsea soccer team spewed his way during a game last December. Sterling was previously physically attacked and kicked in December 2017, outside the Manchester City training facility. Sterling, then 23, was called a nigger by his attacker. He endured that incident without serious injuries.

Sterling, like other Black soccer players in England, and in other parts of Europe, constantly face racism from rival soccer fans, and by press personalities within the European media.

Macka B explained his reasoning for recording “Kick Racism Out Of Football.”

“I have been into football from I was a little youth in England,” said Macka B. I have always enjoyed playing it and watching it. In those days, racism was very prevalent in society and football was no exception. There were a lot of football hooligans who were influenced by the racist right-wing groups like the National Front and the few Black players who were in the league faced a lot of abuse. Bananas being thrown, being called names, monkey noises, etc. A lot of Black people didn’t go to the matches because of the fear of violence.” Macka B adds “So, as the kind of artiste that I am I have to point out injustice when I see it and turn it into a positive.”

In an interview with the Jamaican Observer, Macka B talked about the Raheem Sterling incident when Sterling’s Manchester City played Chelsea.

“The Raheem Sterling incident just showed the madness and hypocrisy of the situation,” said Macka B. “Raheem Sterling did very well in standing up for himself and for other players and because he is such a big name, they had to listen and even more so because they knew what he was saying was true. They gave him a hard time but him rise above it.”

Macka B laments the racism that still prevails. He recalled a soccer match he attended forty years ago where the intention then was to fight racism in the sport.

“In May 1979, as a teenager, I was one of the Black fans at West Bromwich Albion footballer Len Cantello’s testimonial,” Macka B remembers. “The infamous ‘Blacks vs Whites’ football match was between a Black team and a White team, all top professionals. We won 3-2. A BBC documentary has been made about the match. At the time, it was being hailed as a breakthrough moment against racism. As we have seen, after all this time it is still going on, maybe not as much as before but it is still going on, even at children’s matches.”

Macka B states that Black players have brought great diversity to today’s game of soccer.

“That’s why I say, ‘Kick Racism Out of Football’ and salute the Black football youths, they have to celebrate the diversity. The Black players really have enhanced the game of football. Imagine, the three top scorers in the English Premiership this season are all African.”

Macka B points out that racism in soccer is prevalent all over Europe.

“Sometimes in Europe, it’s even worse,” said Macka B. “Only last month, Juventus’ forward Moise Kean [an African-Italian] suffered racist abuse from the stands and the Italian FA [Italian Football Federation] didn’t do anything about it. They said the chants had ‘an objectively limited relevance.’ In other words, they didn’t care.”

Macka B has long been an outspoken voice in Reggae music, since he started in the business in the early 1980’s. His catalogue as a consciously focused artist who tackles difficult topics is not in dispute.

As a Reggae toaster [Reggae rapper] Macka B’s lyrics have always been rooted in delivering socially relevant messages. A quick look at the names of a few of his album titles attest to this. Albums like: “Sign of the Times” (1986); “We’ve Had Enough” (1987); “Peace Cup” (1991); “Discrimination” (1995); and “Hold On To Your Culture” (1995) indicates this commitment. One of his hit tunes, was his 1990 “Proud of Mandela” song, dedicated to ANC [African National Congress] freedom fighter, and former South Africa President Nelson Mandela. A more recent hit, showing Macka B’s continuing commitment to social activism, is his song “Change The World.” This classic 2012 tune featured a collaboration with topline Reggae singer Luciano—and the legendary front man of Steel Pulse, lead singer David Hinds.

Macka B was born Christopher McFarlane, circa 1966, in England, to Jamaican parents. As an artist, his creativity combines the Reggae sub-genres of dancehall and dub. He has worked extensively with the infamous Reggae engineer and producer Mad Professor. Macka B’s stage name is taken for the Biblical Maccabees. He has cited major influences, on his particular toasting style, as: Prince Far I, U-Roy, I-Roy, and Big Youth. He has toured the world with the likes of: The Wailers, Burning Spear, Lee Perry, The Twinkle Brothers, and many others. He’s a Rastafarian, and vegan, who is a patron of The Vegan Society.

For more information on Macka B visit his website at

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