Quawan “Bobby” Charles Toxicology Report sheds light on Teen’s Death

mysterious death of Quawan "Bobby" Charles, a 15-year-old Louisiana boy

Photo: YouTube

New light has been shed on the mysterious death of Quawan “Bobby” Charles, a 15-year-old Louisiana boy whose body was found facedown in a sugar cane field, according to lawyers for his family.

Charles had been reported missing Oct. 30. His remains were found on Nov. 3, more than 20 miles away from his father’s home, where he was last seen by relatives.

The teen’s death has been ruled a homicide by the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office, but the circumstances surrounding his drowning remain unclear.

Independent toxicology reports obtained by the family’s attorneys showed small traces of marijuana and alcohol in Charles’ system, refuting alleged claims that he was high on hallucinogens at the time of his death, the lawyers said in a statement released this week.

The toxicology report showed trace amounts of THC and ethanol, but no other chemicals, the attorneys said.”This likely proves that Quawan’s death was not the result of an accident or gross negligence, but intentional,” the statement said.

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