Pulitzer Center Partners with Playwright Gloria J. Browne-Marshall on Play “Shot-Caught A Soul”

Gloria Browne Marshall

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The Pulitzer Center is partnering with playwright Gloria Browne-Marshall on her play “Shot-Caught A Soul.”

A leading cause of death of African-American boys and men in the United States is police violence. The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences research states that African-American men are 2.5 times more likely to die by police killing than white men by police officers’ hands.

The Pulitzer Center’s Law and Justice Group awarded a grant to the playwright and legal journalist Gloria J. Browne-Marshall for her play “Shot-Caught A Soul.”

The 30-minute One-Act Play features 16-year old Kareem Johnson, an African-American teenager who lives in the suburbs, and Police Officer Michael O’Donald, who is white. Kareem dies from a single gunshot by the hands of O’Donald. The play shares each person’s perspective of what occurred that night. The play features Kareem’s Aunt Janice and a Police Union Representative giving the play views through others’ lens.

Here is the link to view the play “Shot-Caught A Soul.” The play is free for the public to view.

Browne-Marshall is a playwright, writer, criminal justice professor, and civil rights, attorney. “Thank you to the Pulitzer Center for supporting this play that raises important questions about the police-involved civilian killing of people of color,” said Browne-Marshall. “Through my play Shot, viewers can see and feel the conflict, and I hope it serves as a call to action for much needed police reform initiatives.”

“Gloria Browne-Marshall combines her skills as a journalist, educator and playwright to create a compelling drama and powerful, in-the-moment teaching tool,” said Tom Hundley, Senior Editor, Pulitzer on Crisis Reporting. “The Pulitzer Center hopes that Shot will become a starting point for a long overdue conversation about race and law enforcement in the United States.”

This virtual staged reading of “SHOT: Caught of Soul” was produced in partnership with the Pulitzer Center. The organization raises awareness of underreported global issues through direct support for quality journalism across media platforms and unique education and public outreach programs.

Gloria J. Browne-Marshall is a civil rights attorney, playwright, professor of Constitutional Law, and founding member of the Gender Studies faculty at John Jay College (CUNY). She is the author of “She Took Justice – The Black Woman, Law and Power,” “The Voting Rights War” and “Race, Law, and American Society: 1607 to Present,” “The U.S. Constitution: An African-American Context,” “The African-American Woman: 400 Years of Perseverance,” “The Constitution: Major Cases and Conflicts” 4ed which is forthcoming, and “The Report on the Status of Black Women and Girls ®. Browne-Marshall is a member of the National Association of Black Journalists, Society of Professional Journalists, the Deadline Club, the New York Press Club, and the National Press Club.

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