Presentation: Teaching Mathematics to Young Black Men Aged 18 to 30



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Teaching Mathematics to Young Black Men Aged 18 to 30. How We Will Do It and What It’s Going to Change.


“The Importance of  Our Teaching Mathematics to Young Black Men  aged18-30? How   We   are going to do it and What it’s going to change?”


Teaching Mathematics to Men 18-30

Panelists:   Brother Joseph Mack, J.D

Brother Munaj A. Rachman, PhD. Associate Professor of Mathematics at BMCC of CUNY

Date, Sunday October 26, 2014   3:00 PM

Place: John Henrik Clarke House

Amsterdam News  Story on September’s Program: At BEPAA’s last program on Dr. Shabazz A Challenger was offered By Brother Joseph Mack. Brother Mack was inspired by the recent arrest of dozens of young men in the Grant Houses.   Bring Mathematics right into the community, right in the projects if possible.  BEPAA has agreed to accept this challenge. Attend this next BEPAA Master Class if you want to hear more. We welcome all African People who want to help and  or participate in this community self help project.

BOB LAW  Coming to  CEMOTAP on Saturday October 25th Says: ” STOP  GANSTA RAP FROM DEGRADING OUR LIVES”

By Liz Hender

A serious effort to stop the flow and increase of Gansta Rap music that degrades women and African life while promoting the use of violent lyrics laden with needless profanity is spreading across the nation.  Bob Law, veteran media activist, has joined with other organizations in Philadelphia, Chicago and Atlanta to inform the public of the proven negative impact that Gansta rap has had and continues to have on the international image and lives of Black people worldwide.

Bob Law will launched a new iniative ‘Night Talk Live’ to address the issue of Gansta Rap on Saturday, October 25th  at 2:PM at CEMOTAP Center.  Under the title “Music Media and Violence, Law is repositioning his popular Night Talk Program as a Day Time Program structured to provide the public with information necessary to make informed decisions related to the issue of Rap.

The consortium of organizations believe that Rappers can set higher standards for their musical productions without losing popularity or earning power. They feel that the excessive use of the N, B, F and MF words turns off far more people than it attracts. Cleaned up rap , they believe,  can actually increase sales. When Gansta Rap is compared to leading songs of popular Country and Western singers, it was determined that Rappers had 400 times more negative degrading references in their music than  Country and Western singers had in their songs. 

Remembered for his successful long running midnight radio program on station WWRL:AM, Night Talk, Law’s format will involve interviewing guests who are in the music business or who has researched the impact of negative Rap.  His guests will be The Poindexter Brothers who wrote the hit song,  It’s a Thin line between Love and Hate, Chris Curry singer, songwriter and Dr. James McIntosh who will share his research on the topic.  Audience participation will be used to elicit community opinions, beliefs and support.  The program will be streamed live on Bernard White’s Metro CPR Internet radio.

Until recently, most of the successful promoters of Gansta Rap were not black. Some of the most popular rappers have been exploited and have followed impractical  advice to indulge in conspicuous consumption. Purchasing palatial homes and expensive cars, rather than investing their money in businesses to sustain themselves when their popularity wans, insures that their earnings continues to circulate outside the black community.

Law and his guests will emphasize and demonstrate that through collective action from the community, Rap musicians can be convinced to rectify their use of profanity and slander of women “We particularly interested in parents attending with their children,” said Betty Dopson CEMOTAP Co -Chair.  Call 718 322-8454 for additional information. 

CEMOTAP  is conveniently located at 135-05 Rockaway Blvd. South Ozone Park, NY 11420.



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