Prediction: How Pacquiao Will Defeat Mayweather In Their Fight Of The Century



After all of the speculation that Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Manny Pacquiao would never fight, much to the delight of the boxing world, this global duel between the little giants of the ring will finally take place on Saturday, May 2, 2015.

The Welterweight unification Championship fight will take place at what amounts to Mayweather’s home, the M.G.M. Grand Arena Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Since June 2010 when this fight was first proposed it was undermined by reluctance on Mayweather’s part with all of his accusations of Pacquiao being a steroid junky and other charges including that Pacquiao was not worthy of fighting him. “Manny Pacquiao has lost 4 fights, 3 by knockouts so why should I fight him, since there are better fighters than him”, Mayweather declared.

Mayweather, at one time, even tried to pay Pacquiao less money while at the same time insisting on being paid more than him.

When Mayweather signed the over $200 million dollar 6-fight contract with Showtime Cable he was then pressured to fight Manny Pacquiao.  When the demand became worldwide, I felt that Mayweather’s back was up against the wall to fight an opponent he never really wanted fight in the first place.

I still feel that Mayweather is the reluctant warrior who knows that he cannot defeat Pacquiao although the majority of the fans and media favors him over Pacquiao.

This undefeated boxing ring pound-for-pound icon does have the skills to defeat Pacquiao. But in my opinion, and perhaps I am the only one who thinks this way, Mayweather does not have the confidence that he can indeed beat Pacquiao.

The PacMan is a very hard-hitting south paw who punishes opponents aggressively like a run-away freight train. He comes at opponents from all angles with punishing speed. That’s what greatly concerns Mayweather. He doesn’t feel that he could control Pacquiao in the ring.

Throughout the years that I have seen Pacquiao fight, his style has always been as an aggressive hard-hitting combatant with little or no defense; he fights with reckless abandon because he hits so hard.

His offense was his defense.

Since the Juan Manuel Marquez knockout loss, Pacquiao has changed his boxing style to the point that he is now more cautious due to Freddy Roach’s training skills; Pacquiao recognizes his vulnerability. He is a better fighter now.

On the other side of the ring I have a Mayweather slow-down; he has not been able to control some his opponents like he used to. Mayweather had a difficult time, although he won, in controlling Victor Ortiz; and against shop-worn Miguel Cotto.

In the 2 Marcos Maidana fights Mayweather could not control the bull rushes especially in the first fight when he was pinned to the ropes and pounded repeatedly from head to body.  Mayweather was rarely able to stay in the center of the ring controlling the fight with his masterful jab and right hand and counter-punching.

Mayweather seems to have aged somewhat although many believe he will take Pacquiao into deep waters and beat him.

Despite all of the speculation as to who will win, the most important aspect is that at last the deal has been signed.

Mayweather posted a picture of the signed contract on social media.

I am still not comfortable until I see the fight May 2, 2015 and when the fight bell rings. Anything could still happen;  postponement or cancellation,

Amazingly, both cable networks, H.B.O. and Showtime agreed to a dual telecast of the fight which is the second time in boxing history that a mega fight was simulcast.

Pacquiao agreed to a 60% to 40% purse split, favoring Mayweather, plus, the pay-per-view revenues. It’s the poor fan who bites the bullet; the pay-per-view fee will be approximately $100 and the attending fans will have to pay a ticket price of 4-figures.

It is obvious that this fight with no re-match clause in the contract is to sooth the egos of the combatants, especially Mayweather,  as the most important fight of the century; over- shadowing Joe Louis vs. Max Schmeling and Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier.

It has been speculated that the fight itself will gross close to $500 million and that Mayweather could get $150 million, while poor Pacquiao will pocket a handsome $100 million.

Mayweather said he “gave the boxing fans what they have always wanted, me fighting Pacquiao, but of course the results will be the same. He will be my 48th straight victory.”

“I am the best fighter in the world and finally this is my opportunity to do the best that I can do against the best opponent in world, second to me, since my skills are more superior than his,” he added.

A smiling Pacquiao said he was happy that “finally with Floyd’s agreeing to fight me we can give the fans what they were waiting for; for over 6 years. Whoever wins, the fans will be happy.”

Pacquiao, who is 36,  has a record of 57-5-2, 38 knockouts, and 8-time division world champion vs. Mayweather, Jr.,  who is 38, and has a 47-0, 26 k.o.’s, and 5-time division world champion.

Many fear that maybe because of who they are and their combined ages, 74, and the wear-and- tear on their bodies after years of ring combat, it may well be a dull expensive ring exercise in futility.

I certainly hope not after all of the years that the fans have waited and the monies that they will have to pay.

FIGHT FOOTNOTES: The suffering fight fans are finally about to see the fight of their dreams between the 2 giants of the ring and they hope that their hard-earned pay-per-view money is well invested.

If so much money is being invested, and the fans are being charged so much why isn’t the fight held in the much bigger Texas, Alamo Dome Stadium, or Jerry Jones’ Dallas Cowboys Stadium with a 150,000 capacity?

M.G.M. Grand Arena only accommodates approximately 22, 000 fans. I thought Mayweather was all about money-making.

As to who will win, I’ll say this: Manny Pacquiao surprisingly in my opinion has improved defensively and offensively since his knockout loss to Juan Marquez and is a better fighter now.

Floyd Mayweather, although going through routine fights and is 47 for 47. But he’s never fought a fighter like Pacquiao nor any other such as Antonio Margarito or a Joshua Clottey; Jose Luis Castillo and Marcos Maidana took him into deep waters.

Pacquiao is not Maidana nor Castillo; he is better than both of them. He has fought 36 rounds since Marquez, and defeated, Rios, Timothy Bradley, and Chris Algieri; convincingly without scoring a knockout.

Could Mayweather sustain that pressure? I don’t think so. Just like Napoleon met his match, Pacquiao will be Floyd Mayweather’s Waterloo.

Manny Pacquiao will defeat Floyd Mayweather by unanimous decision. Mayweather’s fight record will then read, 47-1, 26 knockouts.

Less we forget, Gennady “Triple G” Golovkin, 31-0, 28 knockouts, of Kazakhstan, wanting to stay busy, will defend his W.B.A., W.B.C., I.B.O., Middleweight Titles against Martin Murray, 29-1-1, 13 k.o.’s., of England, on H.B.O.

With this victory, hopefully 3G will get a title fight with reigning 160 pound champ Miguel Cotto.

What is your opinion, Black Star News readers?



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