Political Arsonists: The Romney-Ryan Molotov Cocktails Strategy

Romney also hopes there won’t be any more talk of the Swiss bank accounts and the Cayman islands where he spirited some of his fortune. Additionally, Romney hopes there won’t be any more talk about the jobs he helped outsource.

[Black Star News Editorial]
So leaders of the Republican party are now enraged because Vice President Joe Biden used the word “chains” in describing the dangers of Wall Street’s  untrammeled control over the U.S. economy?
Republican leaders claim the word “chains” is “insulting” and “demeaning” and “hurtful” to African Americans?
Romney also this week accused the President of running a “divisive” and “hateful” and “angry” campaign, separating people by wealth and ethnicity and demanded that Obama go back to Chicago. Romney knows the specter of the “angry” Black man, even though Obama epitomizes calm and cool, always works with some voters.

This is a case of the party that plays the race card crying wolf. What Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan hope to do is throw incendiary political verbal Molotov Cocktails out there, have them picked up by gullible media talking heads, and then have the nonsense and lies dominate the media cycle for days.
The arsonist starting a fire and then pointing fingers at other alleged suspects.
In this way, Romney hopes media won’t return to the fact that he’s still hiding his tax returns. Senator Harry Reid claims he received a call from someone familiar with Romney’s finances who said even though the former Bain Capital CEO hadn’t paid taxes for 10 years on his estimated $500 million fortune.
Romney also hopes there won’t be any more talk of the Swiss bank accounts and the Cayman islands where he spirited some of his fortune. Additionally, Romney hopes there won’t be any more talk about the jobs he helped outsource.
A Republican party now warm and caring about the sensibilities of African Americans?  
This is the same Republican party of Newt Gingrich, who said: President Obama is the nation’s first “food stamp president”; that he would tell the NAACP to tell Black people to stop waiting for welfare checks and go out to look for non-existing jobs; and, that African American children should work as janitors cleaning toilets in high schools.
It’s also the same Republican party of Rick Santorum, who famously said: President Barack Obama’s policies reminds him of the type of Benito Mussolini fascism that his forefathers fled in Italy; and, that as President he would never take money from White people and transfer it to Black people, which, Santorum says, is what welfare essentially was.
Gingrich, Santorum and other Republican leaders ignore the fact that after the George W. Bush Great Recession sent the economy into a tail spin, even employed Americans depended on welfare to meet shortfalls and that, percentage-wise, more White people are on welfare relative to African Americans and Latinos.
What’s remarkable is that Romney and Co. actually believe that accusing Biden of racism will win them a single extra vote that they were not already going to get, from either a White person, a Black person, or a Latino.
The Republicans are the ones that are again insulting and condescending to African Americans.  
Romney-Ryan have also used the Molotov strategy on Medicare. Romney and his Ayn Rand disciple VP running mate, Paul Ryan, claim President Obama “raided” and “stole” $716 billion from Medicare to pay for Obamacare.
It’s a complete falsehood and both Romney and Ryan know it.
Then again, according to Senator Harry Reid, Romney, who is worth $500 million, may not have paid taxes for as many as 10 years; Reid claims a person familiar with Romney’s finances called his office with the information.
What the affordable healthcare bill does is slow down the growth rate of Medicare entitlements over a 10-year period while maintaining the current system by cutting wasteful spending.
The Romney-Ryan Medicare lie is even more repulsive because the Ryan budget in addition to cutting billions of dollars in Medicare entitlements, Medicaid, Social Security, student tuition support, investment in education and infrastructure spending, would also gut $500 billion to $700 billion from Medicare by eliminating Obamacare.
By replacing Medicare with vouchers it’s actually Ryan, now part of the Romney ticket, who would throws into turmoil a system that senior citizens have relied on for decades.  
What’s more, both Romney and Ryan supported the George W. Bush plan to privatize Social Security.
Romney-Ryan are hoping that they can ride a series of big lies all the way to The White House.

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