Police Silence Regarding Quawan “Bobby” Charles Case Continues

Where is there no national outrage over the death of this child? Is there none because he was Black?

It’s been a month since 15-year-old Quawan “Bobby” Charles left his home, on October 30th, with a white woman before being found dead on November 3rd under suspicious circumstances in a Louisiana sugarcane field—near this white woman’s home.

The police and authorities have given Charles’ family little answers since then.

What’s going on here?

On Saturday, Charles family members, and national community activists, converged on the Governor’s Mansion in Baton Rouge to demand justice. The group sought action from Louisiana’s Governor John Bel Edwards.

Bobby Charles left his home, according to the U.K. Daily Mail, with Janet Irvin, 37, and her son Gavin,17. Reportedly, Janet Irvin has an extensive criminal history which includes arrests for burglary, accepting stolen goods, and drug charges.

Irvin was apparently questioned by police. However, it’s hard to tell conclusively since authorities have told the family and community next to nothing about her.

Irvin has reportedly left the trailer park home where she took Bobby—before he ended up dead in her neighborhood. Some say she is on the run.

The silence of authorities in this case is beyond maddening. Charles’ family, and Black America, deserve answers to why Bobby ended up dead—after he was last seen with Janet Irvin.

Are they covering up for this white woman who took Bobby from his home without parental consent?

Why is there no national outrage over the death of this child? Is there none because he was Black?

Something stinks here.

A Black child ends up dead sometime after being taken to the home of this Janet Irvin—and authorities tells us nothing about this white woman.

We are told Bobby drowned in a body of water less than two feet deep. These folks act as if nothing is strange about that.

They insinuate there was no foul-play in this drowning. If Bobby did drown, just how did he drown?

If the horrible injuries we’ve seen on his face and head was done by “aquatic animals,” we want answers explaining just how that’s possible?

The silence in the case of Quawan “Bobby” Charles cannot continue.

We must continue to say his name—and demand justice.

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