Play: Whistle In Mississippi –The Lynching Of Emmett Till



In 1955, Emmett Till and his cousin, both from Chicago, went to visit family in Mississippi; according to some accounts, Emmett whistled at a white woman and others say he grabbed her hand and asked for a date; others say all he did was say “Bye, baby” as he left the store.

Myths, lies and misinformation abound.

This play explores the impact of the brutal murder of Emmett Till and the powerful ripples of change that transformed America. It also introduces a young boy whose vibrant personality, and charismatic disposition always left a wrinkle in the forehead and smile on your face and that is what will be forever missed.

SATURDAY MARCH 15, 2014 @ 8:00pm

General Admission: $25.00 Groups of 5 or more: $20.00

Groups of 10 or more: $15.00

JOSEPH P. KENNEDY COMMUNITY CENTER 34 West 134th St. New York City, N.Y. 10037


To purchase tickets online visit

For more information please contact: Michael Green 212 690 0797 / 646 488 9576 [email protected]

Chiquita: 914 297 8286 / [email protected]



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