Petition Demands Increased Public School COVID Regulations

safety regulations to combat COVID-19 in New York City public schools.

Photo: Twitter

A New York City local has created a petition demanding further safety regulations to combat COVID-19 in New York City public schools.

New York City currently represents over half of the 10,000 individuals who are hospitalized from COVID symptoms in the state.

The petition starter, identified as NYC Public School Parent, says: “In the midst of an unprecedented wave of COVID infections, we know that a multilayered approach is needed to keep our community safe and prevent avoidable loss of life. To that end we demand the Adams Administration act immediately to implement these common sense steps to increase the safety of our public school community and, by extension, our City.”

The petition demands that more PCR tests be conducted for students and that KN95 or KF94 masks be provided in schools.

Reyhan Mehran of Brooklyn says: “I’m signing because only 23 students out of over 700 were being tested at my child’s school weekly before break – and they were pretty much the same 23 kids every week. We can’t keep our schools safe unless we start testing larger numbers of students.”

Another Brooklyn resident, Jennifer Friedlin, says: “The City must step up efforts to protect everyone who spends time in our schools. This means comprehensive testing, better masks, smaller classes, ventilation. The schools are unsafe and the testing rate is ludicrous. The plan to test 80,000 students, less than 10% of all K-12 students, when there is a 25% positivity rate makes no sense…”

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