Patriots’ Bill Belicheater Adds Drama To Super Bowl’s Shadow


Bam! Who me? Bellichick claims he plays by the rules

Both the AFC and NFC Championships played out exactly how I had imagined. Almost.  Only thing is, my vision had the same outcome…but played out on opposite coasts.

How things actually happened? In the picturesque northwest city of Seattle…both defenses played spectacular games—Green Bay gave their offense every opportunity to capitalize on the types of schemes that prevented Seattle from even converting a first down until the top of the second quarter.  On the other side of the field…after repeated turnovers, the Legion of Doom of the Seahawks did everything in their power to limit the amount of points posted on the scoreboard by Aaron Rodgers and company.

For all their good works, both defenses were saddled with anemic offenses.  Kicker Mason Crosby made a few more guest appearances on the field then Green Bay would have liked.  Settling for three points when you should have walked away with seven is well, unsettling.  It is hard to get hyped about simply leading when you should be dominating. 

The dismal play of Seattle’s offense, however, left little hope they’d be able to take advantage of the hard work their “d” was doing.  Quite honestly, at some point, I’d come to the conclusion that it was going to take a pick 6 for Seattle to get things done.  When things looked bleak, fans in a packed Safeco Field may have been nervous but they sure weren’t the fair weather variety…the place was still rocking!  Oh, but how a faked field goal, Russell Wilson waking up, a two point conversion—which was apparently meant to be, overtime and a touchdown pass caught by a receiver who’d been made into a defender on several previous attempts…can all be ingredients for one of the best comebacks ever!  What I thought had the makings of a wrestling match smackdown…turned out to be more like a thriller—complete with nailbiting, gasps and lots of head shaking!

After trailing the entire game…Seattle sent the Green Bay Packers home with thoughts of the many points they’d left on the field!

As it turned out, the smackdown event took place later on in Foxborough.Indianapolis made a game of things early on….but it wasn’t long before the experienced New England Patriots did exactly what Green Bay didn’t—began capitalizing on the gifts the Colts were giving them in the form of turnovers.  For Indy, it all ended as ugly as the weather that cold January night.  For New England, it did not end at all! 

As you well know, we have arrived at Deflate Gate.  After seeing a poll whereby 81% believed the Patriots should be banned from the Super Bowl entirely…a promotion was immediately in order—I went from armchair qb to armchair Commissioner in the blink of an eye…so here goes:

Absolutely no changes to the SuperBowl—Seattle Seahawks vs New England Patriots.period!  Even if they were suspended who’d go in their place, the Colts?  While a morals argument can be made against the Patriots…a performance argument is clear against Indy.  After that display…they ought to consider themselves lucky to get tickets to the Big Game.

No less than a four game suspension for the head coach…if ignorance was no excuse for Saints Coach Sean Payton at the height of Bounty Gate, the same rule should apply to Belacheat, I mean Belichick…

QB Tom Brady should be suspended the same number of games for insulting the intelligence of others—what ball boy or equipment manager is bold enough to adjust game balls for any game, much less a Conference Championship game after the quarterback has given his approval?  They’d soon find the NFL’s moniker…Not For Long…would apply to equipment staff as well!

Draft picks should be taken away….probably the least effective though since New England is notorious for making impressive moves with late round picks…

A hefty fine is a must!  Do I believe they are the only team that cheats, no!  With Spy Gate looming in their not so distant past…they must be the sloppiest cheaters because they continue to get caught.  If fines have increased for each incident involving Seattle’s Lynch and Detroit’s Suh…then most certainly one good turn deserves another.

Is a ban from postseason play even possible?  If so, now would be a good time to use it…for a season or two.  Full disclosure—I don’t know if a postseason ban would be to drive home a lesson or because I’m no fan of the Patriots…and bias is out of order for an Armchair Commissioner!

What is certain…the NFL needed another blemish like we need another snowstorm in the northeast!  Then again Deflate Gate is keeping the league relevant outside of everyone’s take on who is going to win the Lombardi…

On that note…Seattle Seahawks will ride the momentum from their NFC Championship win and do what hasn’t been done since the Patriots did so in the early 2000’s—become back to back champions!

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