Singer-Songwriter ABIAH Celebrates New Album, Life As A Ballad

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"...a singer with an innate ability for passionate songwriting that one cannot learn."
--Billboard Magazine

Singer-songwriter ABIAH will celebrate the release of his forthcoming album, Life As A Ballad, at Le Poisson Rouge in Greenwich Village on Monday, October 15 at 10pm.

ABIAH will be joined by guitarists Marvin Sewell and David Rosenthal, bassist Keith Witty and drummer Chris Eddleton as well as a GRAMMY nominated, genre-bending special guest performing with the ensemble. Life As A Ballad was released digitally on August 28 and will be followed by the physical version on October 16 -- available on Madoh Music and distributed via Purpose Music Group/eOne.
Ever since the untimely departure of Luther Vandross, the American pop scene has been absent of a Black American male balladeer possessed of chops beyond belief, staunch lyricism and emotional maturity.

ABIAH (pronounced Ah-bee-yah) more than adequately answers the call of that absence with an album and a presence that is sensuous, soulful, honest, grown-up and quite passionate about restoring vocal excellence to the contemporary airwaves.

Who is ABIAH? These are the bare facts: he is a seasoned balladeer possessed of a five-and a half octave range; an established vocal coach and former Universal Republic recording artist; and he is of Ghanaian, Cuban, Native American descent, and was raised in Rochester, New York.

 While that background remains a part of his roots and identity, 2012 marks a musical, professional and personal evolution for the singer-songwriter.

Previously known as "Jeremiah" in the music world --full name Jeremiah Abiah, the latter meaning "God is my father"-- ABIAH sets forth his highly anticipated sophomore album, Life As A Ballad, reflective of a long journey towards his intensely personal sound and overall musical growth - consisting of nine self-penned originals.

"There was a moment when I thought I had lost my voice," ABIAH reflects. "I was experiencing growing pains which were hard to decipher at first but eventually they helped me to trust my heart, sound and aesthetic again. I thought I would never record again. I even toyed with the idea but the music perpetually tugged at me. Changing my stage name was the impetus of a new beginning."  

"This is how Life As A Ballad was born as I dealt with the idea of finding beauty in the dark, that glimmer of light when all hope seemed lost," he adds.

A move to New York City in the early 2000s saw ABIAH "hitting the pavement hard'' and eventually playing Central Park SummerStage and the world renowned Blue Note on a regular basis; though a turning point came when ABIAH started gaining the attention of major labels.

As is frequently the case for ambitious but not yet quite industry-savvy young artists, ABIAH's fledgling recordings fell through the cracks. An entire album, brought to the verge of a major label deal, got shelved because the song the major label executives favored most was the only one not produced by a very major and deservedly much lauded producer.

"I'm not opposed to major labels. I just believe an artist needs to keep his finger on the pulse of everything. It's hard to be artist and business, but it is necessary," says ABIAH.  "Initially I was angry and came out pointing fingers but the healthier aspect became, what did or didn't I do? Taking that responsibility has given me power and greater perspective."

While plotting his next round of moves, creatively and professionally -- following his major label departure-- ABIAH got practically handed an unexpected cottage industry, when he became an in-demand vocal coach, even featured on MTV's program, MADE.

Initial inquiries from singer-friends impressed by his sound and range has blossomed into a side-business that finds him coaching up-and-comers prepping for demos and showcases, solid pros hankering to rise up to that proverbial next level, and musical game show contestants hoping to impress celebrity judges with noticeably increased prowess.

This recording is the result of ABIAH's steady and patient march over a decade in New York, finding the perfect songs and session mates to support his vision. Like any astute young artist in pursuit of a unique bespoke career path, ABIAH wisely sought out collaborators who were of highly skilled and veteran pedigrees, and of course, simpatico.

Notable among those collaborators are very well regarded young pianist Robert Glasper, who is ABIAH's cousin who he met in earlier days while they cut their musical teeth in the New York's music landscape. Marvin Sewell, the album's stellar guitarist, has been a frequent flyer in Cassandra Wilson's ensemble since the late 1990s as well as Jack DeJohnette.

Ultimately, Life As A Ballad designates ABIAH as a contender for that sizable niche slice of today's market known as Adult Contemporary - the same slice where equally well-honed, melodious and crafty modern male vocalists like Michael Bublé, Jason Mraz, Sting, Seal and occasionally even Robin Thicke are seen to reside.

ABIAH's Life As A Ballad Release Party is at Le Poisson Rouge,  Monday, October 15 - 8pm.

Line Up: ABIAH, vocals; Marvin Sewell, guitar; David Rosenthal, guitar; Keith Witty, bass; and, Chris Eddleton, drums.
Venue: Le Poisson Rouge, 158 Bleecker Street, New York, NY 10012.

Phone: (212) 505-3474

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