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Mr. Eady, in response to your frequent Op-eds, cursing Eliot Spitzer for what he has done to you, I sincerely sympathize and I want the best for you:  With that said, I would like to know, Mr. Eady, why do you continue to make yourself Eliot Spitzer's laughing stock!??!  Don’t you know you must NEVER let the enemy know he hurt you?  Once he sees you're hurt, he'll do you in.  I’ll bet Spitzer keeps those whiny letters and editorials of yours about what he took away from you in a cute little tin box to take out and read every time he needs a good laugh.  Okay -- so you got your ass kicked by Spitzer -- how long are you gonna holler and sob and suck your thumb in the corner? 

I quote your last document in BSN dated November 1, 2006 entitled, Death of BUFNY's Radio: "The rains also came the night of October 21st, and all of the equipment had been thoroughly soaked —drowning good works and more hopes and dreams.  On the door of the quaint red building was the sheriff's notice which showed that the seized building had been turned back over to the landlord."

Hey!  Don't make me come up there!  So they took your material posessions.  But they didn't take your life.  I know I don't have to tell YOU how many Black Panthers have disappeared off the face of the earth -- never to be seen or heard from again.  Must I go there right now?  So they shut you down.  That is your opportunity to rebuild, but with a stronger foundation.  So the BUFNY is dead.  Now it's time to build the Greater BUFNY.  Next time, be your own landlord. You’re facilitating these “empowerment" seminars, supposedly teaching people to be empowered.  Who do you expect to follow you while you continue to bawl about Spitzer?

You state, "Congressman Charles Rangel, State Senator David Paterson, Councilwoman Yvette Clark, Assemblyman Keith Wright, Former Manhattan Borough President C. Virginia Fields, and former Mayor David N Dinkins and many others in positions of supposed influence in the power structure, must be listed amongst the traitors and 'misleaders' of our people."

On the real, Mr. Eady, it is not Spitzer and these others you list, who are defeating you, but it is you who are defeating yourself.  Rise up!  Stop accusing and alienating people who may be able to help you.  And if they don't help you, just ask somebody else -- and keep on asking until you get the help you need.  Universal Law teaches don't be a victim. Get up, damnit!

Based on your past accomplishments, your knowledge, your wisdom, Mr. Eady, you really should have moved on to bigger and better things by now.   But YOU are letting your anger and bitterness against Spitzer destroy you.  

Believe me -- you will never win if you can't forgive.  There's your real challenge.  You must forgive Spitzer and those people you have allowed to steal your joy and you must dry your tears and walk in the Light. 

Pray to God to help you forgive Spitzer.  Only then will you reap your rewards.  Spitzer has done nothing to you.  It is you who allow his actions to affect you in a negative way.  You gave him that power over you.  It took me a long time to learn these things.  But once I finally learned, God blessed my life with abundant miracles and He continues to bless me every day.  Forgive your enemies and forgive yourself.

Here’s some tough love from a Sister who cares – Mr. Eady, suck it up and move ahead!   There are people who want to see you win.  If you defend against your enemy with an iron body, spirit and mind, his own fear and weakness will defeat him. 

I am forced to remind you of what you already know – Discipline! Patience!  Perseverance!  Determination!  These are all vital weapons on the rugged road to victory.

Defeat is not an option.

Mr. Eady, you must get a grip and do the damn thing.  There are a lot of people depending on you to get through this.

Shut down, devise a plan and come back with the fire of the phoenix.

Brenda Jeanne Wyche, Advocate for Solutions and Results ©2006 is Managing Editor for The Black Star News and Harlem Business News and CEO of Winning Strategies & Associates, a business development consultancy in New York City.  If you have a solution, contact [email protected] .  Maybe we’ll talk.

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