[Black Star News Editorial]

TODAY is Election Day and New Yorkers can do the Right thing by voting for Mayor Bill de Blasio, Public Advocate Letitia James, Comptroller Scott Stringer, and in Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson.

De Blasio spoke Truth To Power early in the campaign when he dared to say that the wealthier New Yorkers needed to pay more to support the infrastructure and services in this Great City. He spoke of the 46-percenters of New Yorkers who lived near the poverty line and the mayor unions rallied behind him.

He promised universal Pre-K education, which is the most critical learning stage, and the best some of his Democratic opponents –and later the Republican– could say was that the proposal wasn’t even worth mentioning since it would dead on arrival in Albany before the legislature.

Recall a certain candidate who once inspired by saying “Yes, We Can,” and was awarded with a certain national office? In New York City some of de Blasio’s opponents, including the Republican Joe Lhota say “No, We Can’t.”

Most importantly, de Blasio has vowed to amend the New York Police Department’s Stop-and-Frisk policing regime. Notwithstanding the recent temporary setback, when an appellate panel stayed Judge Shira Scheindlin’s ruling and moved the case to another judge, the practice amounts to apartheid-style selective policing and is unconstitutional.

New York City is the Mecca of diversity in the United States of America. Even if the appellate court wrongfully strikes down Judge Scheindlin’s proper ruling, New York’s mayors, now and in the future should instruct the Police Commissioner not to practice apartheid-style policing. Just as New York City is a sanctuary for immigrants, the City must also become a haven for civil and human rights for all its residents.

De Blasio had slammed Mayor Michael Bloomberg for appealing Judge Scheindlin’s ruling.

By voting in record numbers New Yorkers would also repudiate the Republican Joe Lhota and his appeals to Giulianism — Lhota played the race card from the top of the deck with his repulsive fear-mongering desperate television ads. He used imagery of manufactured anarchy and chaos.

He was hoping to become New York City mayor by appealing to fears and by race-baiting? New Yorkers don’t play that anymore so voters must get this man out of town. Maybe Rudolph Giuliani can give him a job.

Letitia James has always worked hard for her constituents as a City Council Member and will be an excellent Public Advocate.

Stringer was also known for promoting diversity as Manhattan Borough President — as Comptroller he should continue the policy of inviting bids from a wider pool of investment banks, as John Liu did, so as to diversity the companies that end up doing business with the City.

In Brooklyn Ken Thompson made history by defeating incumbent Charles Hynes, who then reneged on his promise to step aside and is running as a Republican. New Yorkers can do the right thing — repudiate this kind of treachery that could have serious negative consequences in the future by voting solidly for Thompson.



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