Ellerbee: Imagemaker And Educator

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(He remember’s his mother’s solid lessons).

Energy, excitement, and enthusiasm radiate from Angelo Ellerbee, the Founder, President, and CEO of the company Double Xxposure, when he talks about his Artist Development Program and his business philosophy. 

Ellerbee is a man who knows his way around the entertainment industry whether via the electronic media, dance, fashion, music, promotion, publicity, management, image development, and marketing.  His is a full service business; one he learned via many a trial by fire. His trials proved a hidden blessing that allowed him to hone his craft and aptly guide the careers of his diverse clientele.

Ellerbee is not shy about letting you know that God is the captain of his ship and the director of his life.  He believes in the Golden Rule and has fashioned an entire company around the principle of bettering his fellow man, whether it be a celebrity or the average Joe. 

Raised by a single parent, his mother encouraged him to help support the household early on. “I grew up in Newark, New Jersey, the greatest city in the world as far as I am concerned.  My mother challenged me to make sensible decisions, be the best I could be, and elevate my life,� explained the entrepreneur and image maker.

“I have done a lot of things in my life.  I wanted to act and I appeared in Bubbling Brown Sugar.  I wanted to dance and did so and even modeled in France. My clothing was carried in Henri Bendel. I actually started off working in a beauty salon wherein the tips I made allowed me to start my business in the basement of my home,� recalled the marketing expert.

Ellerbee is not fond of the word “StarMaker� but prefers to see himself as an “Image-maker,� an educator who instructs his clientele how to build their careers step-by-step and rise to their full potential. He has guided and managed the careers of people like Mary J. Blige, DMX, Fabolous, Gladys Knight, James Mtume, Dionne Warwick, Melba Moore, Nina Simone and over 5000 others in the course of his nearly 30 year old business.  In the true tradition of Berry Gordy, Ellerbee emulates Gordy’s formulae of instructing artists how to survive masterfully in the world of business.  He teaches them business from the ground up.  “You have to be able to articulate, dress properly, and even have table manners so you can maneuver through any situation and be able to sit among Kings as well as paupers, while treating each with respect� states Angelo. 

“I always tell my clients I find the word ‘star’ to be a strange word. What I try to do at Double XXposure is to promote and create achievers.  I want clients to know they can win and achieve excellence.  I give them the needed tools to do so.  I give them a clear understanding of what a star is and what a star is not.  When people become comfortable with the word star they tend to become lazy. In the world of entertainment one cannot get comfortable, you must continue to prove and improve.  You must have a clear goal in mind in order to assure continued success and longevity. This is what I teach.  I do this for lay people to,� said Ellerbee enthusiastically.  Ellerbee also goes into prisons to teach incarcerated youth the importance of striving for something, even giving them internships in his firm. I mentor them and let them know that people do care, and I help them care about themselves� said the former music executive.

“The music business is filled with pimps, pimping off the careers of naïve talent. Many hip hoppers come from a background that doesn’t afford an education.  They fall victim to the exploitation of an industry that has no interest in showing young artists how to manage their careers.  Double Xxposure gives these kids a road map, a direction, a goal.  I tell them to be responsible for the content of their music and not to exploit their own people. I say build your people up, not pull them down,� remarked Ellerbee who also promotes his philosophy via his reality shows on the Bravo Channel and UK Discovery Channel.

 “My business is people relations.  I practice tough love because at the end of the day, I sell talent. I want that talent to represent themselves via fine elocution, social etiquette, and knowledge of the business they are in. I spend time with the artist before engaging in any contractual agreement.  I talk to their friends and family to get to know my client. I notice that young folks today are more ‘Ambitches’ than ‘ambitious.’  I want them to be ambitious, acquire an education so they can read, write, and understand business. I show them how to package and market themselves.  I show them how to negotiate contracts and determine what is best for them.  I teach clients the full scope of the entertainment business.�

A master craftsman Ellerbee believes African Americans have to aid one another.  He believes parents must encourage, nurture, and give their children a winning formulae and mentality.  “Stop with the crabs in a barrel behavior, give back, and help others,� insists Angelo. “My mother had a plan and structure for me to follow.  She understood the highest accomplishment in life is to give back. I try to show my clients how to invest in themselves and in turn, mentor another. I want folks to get what they deserve and believe they are deserving of the best in life.  I have a clear understanding of all the elements needed to forge a comprehensive direction.  My goal is to teach others how to strive toward and reach for the next level.�

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