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Stephen A. Wilson Jr., Founder of Talks With Wolves, Inc. embarked upon a vision quest with the Delaware Indians, facilitated by a sachem by the name of Weyandaga in 1993. The experience led him to dedicate his life to teaching and preserving the history of people of color, which resulted in the creation of WIlson's brainchild, Talks With Wolves, Inc. (TWW, Inc.).  

For eight years, Talks With Wolves, Inc., a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, graced the culturally rich Bedford Stuyvesant community with the only curiosity shop in the area that provided ancient, one-of-a-kind artifacts, Native American, African and Indonesian art, and beautiful indigenous raiment.  Rapidly increasing in popularity due to Talks With Wolves' regular lectures and exhibitions designed to educate people on the history and traditions of the American Indian, well received arts & crafts programs for educational facilities (schools k –12/College and special education children, community centers and elder facilities) and healing rituals, a strong community reverence was built for the family-oriented institution. 


But in 2001, Wilson, a devoted single parent, was priced out of the bustling, up-and-coming Bed Stuy community, leaving a huge void and an air of despondence in a location where residents had grown accustomed to, appreciated and even craved the soothing tones of the indigenous flute, chanting of inspiring drums and aromatherapeutic fragrances that greeted pedestrians in proximity of the iconic temple every day.   


Relocated, but strongly persevering in its mission, TWW, Inc. continues to educate urban communities, increasing communica­tion between various ethnic groups, ultimately developing a stronger understanding between diverse cultures, thereby bringing tolerance and peace to the community-at-large.

Through the use of various artforms, Talks With Wolves, Inc. helps students expand self-awareness, develop their natural ability to express themselves creatively and learn how to support and work with others of different cultures in order to accomplish a common goal. 

"Talks With Wolves, Inc. is an institution that provides the necessary sources of strength for the promotion of an individual’s sense of identity as well as community attachment," Mr. Wilson explains.


On Tuesday, May 27th at 7:00 pm at Red Bamboo located at 271 Adelphi Street, on the corner of DeKalb Ave., the Fort Greene Film Society in conjunction with Things Are Changing Media and Talks With Wolves, Inc. will present a special screening of a new documentary entitled, "Middle School/Middle Passage (The Journey)," which takes viewers inside the classrooms of PS/IS 298 Brooklyn, where Talks with Wolves, Inc. embarks upon a journey with middle school students, taking them beyond textbooks, into the world of the ancestors, through visual arts and indigenous dance.


Through narratives, and art functions that allow students to create their own symbolic masks and dolls, and dance that introduces their inner warrior through movement, "The Journey" shows the predominantly African-American students working with teaching artists to transform themselves into slaves.


The hour-long documentary features candid interviews with the teachers and teaching artists that are invested in making the program work  


The purpose of the documentary is to raise the public's awareness to the need for keeping strong and relevant cultural and arts programs in the public schools, in the wake of disastrous budget cuts to the NYC education system.

Moreover, in its continuing effort to educate youths, Talks WIth Wolves, Inc., a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, is accepting contributions to help expand the program to Bedford Stuyvesant's PS 308 this fall. All contributions are tax deductable.


Visit to see a moving sneak peek (5-minute trailer) of this must see film,"Middle School/Middle Passage (The Journey)"


For more information on Talks With Wolves, Inc., visit


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