Why I'm Running for District 17 NY City Council -- Delices

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Candidate Patrick Delices


Before I introduce myself, let me ask you the following questions about the South Bronx.

Are you satisfied with the quality of life in the South Bronx?

Do you feel that the South Bronx could improve and be better as a thriving community and blissful neighborhood?

Do you feel that the South Bronx could and should offer you more in terms of employment opportunities, economic empowerment, educational access and affordability, fair housing, home ownership, business ownership, quality healthcare and social services, better sanitation and postal services, healthier food options, cleaner and greener parks, and fair legal treatment and counsel in family, criminal, housing, and civil courts?

This November 7, stop settling for less. Vote for a candidate that can identify the problems and provide solutions. This is not about party affiliations or political clubs this is about who has the best qualifications to get the job done. 

On November 7, Vote Patrick Delices for City Council. I am running for the NYC Council in District 17 to BUILD A BETTER & SAFER SOUTH BRONX.

The South Bronx has such a rich history, dynamic cultural diversity, and great economic promise; yet, in comparison to the other boroughs in New York City, the Bronx in particular the South Bronx is neglected and taken for granted by our politicians, business men and women, investors, law enforcement agents, and judicial officers where crime persists along with asthma, drug addiction, HIV-AIDS, illiteracy, obesity, loitering, littering, unemployment, homelessness, and poor quality of life.

As the People's Politician and a Rational Republican, it is my duty to serve and represent the people of the Bronx by building a better and safer South Bronx where together we can thrive as a community and blissfully co-exist in our neighborhood.


ECONOMICS: District 17 in the South Bronx is one of the poorest districts not only in New York City, but in the United States. Therefore, economic empowerment by way of economic democracy and justice (employment opportunities, job training, educational access, educational affordability, business partnerships, business ownership, mentorship, networking, debt reduction, equitable share of business contracts from our own government, etc.) is my top priority in BUILDING A BETTER & SAFER SOUTH BRONX.

POLITICS: At the local level, our politicians have sold us out to corporate interest and other interest groups which situated  our community in socio-political disarray and dis-functionality  as illustrated in our high crime rates, high truancy rates, high illiteracy rates, high drop-out rates, high asthma rates, high HIV-AIDS rates, poor health facilities, poor educational services, poor housing, poor policing, dirty parks, dirty sidewalks, dirty streets,  littering,  loitering, and simply poor quality of life. As the People's Politician and a Rationale Republican, Patrick Delices will never sell out because he is invested in BUILDING A BETTER & SAFER SOUTH BRONX - a Bronx that politicians, corporations, and interest groups cannot dumped on nor manipulate – a Bronx where vendors of color can get their fair share of city business contracts and government can be not only transformative, but transparent.

CULTURE: The South Bronx, District 17 is the home of Hip Hop and as your Councilman, I will bring Hip Hop and other aspects of our culture back home to the Bronx.  Currently, there is a cultural vacuum in the South Bronx in spite of the cultural richness that the South Bronx has given to the world. Under my watch, the cultural richness and dynamism of the South Bronx will be acknowledged and the misappropriation of that culture will cease as I will secure funding for the arts along with investments for cultural programs, centers, and after school activities.

EDUCATION: In District 17, the school system is failing our children (the future) where test scores are low, illiteracy rates are high, students are underachieving, teachers are underperforming and underpaid, classrooms are jam-packed, and the cafeteria lunch is rancid and unpalatable as the mayor, the incumbent, and school officials (teachers and principals) simply do not care about the children in the South Bronx and the future of New York City.  Hence, within the schools in my district, students rather kill each other than learn from each other, while teachers rather sell drugs, molest, and beat up students than teach our students.  As your Councilman, together, we can save our children, save our schools, and save the future of this great city by simply investing in our children and providing them with more resources and options while we exposed them to a worldview beyond the cold, deadly streets of the South Bronx.

TRANSPORTATION: The South Bronx is the hub of transportation in New York City. You can get to any other borough and state from the South Bronx, but our transit system is deplorable and disgusting; while, our highway system is congested.  This must be fixed and someone must be held accountable.  Under my watch, transportation in the South Bronx will improve - cleaner subways, better train /bus services, less congestion, and alternative transportation models and routes will be incorporated along with special discounted fares for all riders of NYC transit.

PARKS: The parks in the South Bronx are not only deplorable and disgusting, but unsafe and not user friendly and unsuitable for our families and the community.  We want safer parks that are clean - free of drug dealing and addicts, free of dirty needles, free of dog and human feces, free of prostitution, and free of crime. We want parks that are green, environmentally sustainable, clean, and safe. We want our parks to be full of life with exercise equipment and cushioned padded foams where people can run, jog, or walk without risking injuries.  We want our parks to be full of activities and joy for our children. We want parks that are welcoming and inviting. We want a park, not a "hang-out" spot.

In regards to public policy and service, nothing is more important, aside from one's health and economic well being, than perhaps one's safety. With that said, the Bronx, in particular the South Bronx, has the highest crime rate than any other borough in New York City. The relationship between law enforcement agencies and the community is abysmal.  And that relationship must change.

Law enforcement agencies must be invested in serving and protecting our community. And our community must be invested in working collaboratively with law enforcement agencies. Together, we can provide better and safer spaces for our elderly, children, homeowners, residents and non-residents. Thus, to achieve BUILDING A BETTER & SAFER SOUTH BRONX is when law enforcement agencies become one with the community and the community becomes one with law enforcement agencies.

Simply put, to properly serve and protect a community, you must be part of that community. Moreover, to BUILD A BETTER & SAFER SOUTH BRONX is to inject and invest in education, vocational training, and employment opportunities which will alleviate not only crime, but also poverty.


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