Paul D. Jones Shares Path To Success

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[The Interview]

Paul D. Jones has tu
rned his knowledge of how to overcome financial challenges into a multi-million dollar business. Coming from a meager background in Minneapolis, Paul used his faith in GOD and business saavy to propel himself to the top of his game.  From businessman to author and motivational speaker, in his second book, "Schedule for Success",  he teaches us how to properly manage our time and money to make our dreams of financial freedom a reality.

BSN:     Good evening Mr. Jones, h
ow are you?
PDJ:      I'm very well, thank you!

BSN:     You have written a second book now pertaining to financial success and freedom from debt, titled "Schedule for Success".  How does the average person begin to do this?
PDJ:     First off, you have to know where you want to go. What are your goals?  Make a check-list of what you must do in order to reach those goals. Do you need to further your education, relocate, etc... You have to plan for your success.

BSN:     So the assumption that there is some big "secret" to becoming successful and wealthy isn't true?
PDJ:     Absolutely not.  It's not hard to b
ecome a millionaire. We all have a GOD-given talent that we were born with. All you have to do is use that talent, work hard and believe in your dreams.  Dream so big that it almost seems impossible and makes you crack a smile!

BSN:    Is it really that easy?
PDJ:     Not so much easy, but definitely attainable.  The hardest part of it is committing to your dream and knowing that you will bump your head several times in the process of making it a reality.  Don't give up.

BSN:     How did you go from being a business executive to an author and motivational speaker?
PDJ:     Well,  I was always being asked for financial advice from so many people, but I didn't have the time to give it since I was running a business.  Then my Pastor suggested that I write a book.  I was like, "Write a book?  I don't have the time!"  But it was GOD's will and that's how, "Who told you you were broke?", came into fruition.  I had to take my own advice and audit my time to make it happen.

BSN:     Amazing!  So the book was a catalyst for you becoming a motivational speaker.
PDJ:     Yes.  Once the book was published, I was asked to speak at various functions to elaborate on the concepts in my book.  I really enjoy it!  If I speak at a venue and I'm able to motivate and inspire even one person, I feel truly blessed! I want to get the word out that success is possible if you believe in your talents and dreams.

  We certainly appreciate you sharing your knowledge of how to manage finances and get debt under control.  It is so important for our community especially, since we tend to struggle with finances and bad credit because we don't have the proper knowledge.
PDJ:     Once I figured out how attainable financial freedom was, I was like the runaway slave, "Oooh, I'm telling everybody!" (laughing)  I want all of us to have the chance to live abundantly.  And more importantly, that's what GOD wants for us.

BSN:     How do we learn our financial worth and begin to climb out of debt?
PDJ:     I actually created a website that will do it for you.  It's  WWW.MYFINANCIALWORTH.COM.  It includes a daily budget tracker (that tracks your spending), tracks & monitors your credit scores and even provides identity theft protection for you.  I use it myself and it is awesome!

    How do you manage to live a balanced life with all that you do, author/businessman/motivational speaker/husband/father?
PDJ:     My first priority is definitely being a husband and father. And it is my FAVORITE role!  Everything else comes after that.  I feel like it is my duty to educate people and give back because I am so thankful for this life GOD has given me.  I allow HIM to order my steps and that is the best way to keep balance in your life. You can't go wrong when you trust in GOD.

    You are so right about that.  HIS plan is always the best plan.  Are you already grooming your children for financial independence?
    Yes, I am.  I'm already teaching them about assets and liabilities. (Laughing)  I teach them to save 20% of everything they get.  10% goes to GOD first and 10% goes to your savings. My goal is to help them be ready to function in the real world.  If they develop good habits now while they're young, it won't be a struggle in adult-hood.

BSN:    I'm certain they will be fine with you coaching them!
PDJ:     Thank you. I just want everyone to know that financial freedom is possible if you exercise patience, manage your time properly, work hard and chase your dreams.  Once you get to a place where your assets out-weigh your debts, you've made it!

BSN:     I look forward to that day!  I can't wait to read your books. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and expertise with our readers.  We appreciate you!
PDJ:     You're quite welcome, it was a pleasure!

One book and one speech at a time, Paul D. Jones is teaching the world how to "Schedule for Success".

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