NY Jets: Maybe Next Year

“It’s been different each game," lamented head coach Eric Mangini, about the Jets inability to finalize victory in the fourth quarter.



The New York Jets this season are a team that’s equivalent to a date on prom night; if you play your cards right, then more than likely you’ll score.

The Jets’ loss to the Washington Redskins 20-17 in overtime was strange indeed, in fact emblematic of their entire season – a breakdown of the fourth quarter.

“It’s been different each game,” lamented head coach Eric Mangini, about the Jets inability to finalize victory in the fourth quarter. “In the Baltimore game, we were on the five ¬yard line. In the Philadelphia game, we were on the three ¬yard line. This game, we pushed the game into overtime.”

Mangini then continued about the Jets’ woes with the Buffalo game. When the team was down 6-3 in the fourth quarter, and then the Giants game, down by four with three minutes left, three timeouts, and within striking distance
at the 37 yard line—then they succumbed by a turnover.

“Those are all different scenarios, different situations, and that’s actually a lot of where the frustration lies,” the coach said.

“When you play these close games, when you’re in a position to at least tie them and force them into overtime, or in a  position to win, or it’s a three ¬point game and you have a chance to kick a field goal, whatever the case may be, and you aren’t able to do that because of whatever the reason is, those are difficult.”

That’s why the Jets are the best 1-8 team in the league.

But there’s another scenario or statistic that’s been plaguing the Jets, which is defense. The defense against the Redskins gave up 296 yards on the ground; running back Clinton Portis scorched the team for 196 yards.

Before the Redskins game, opponents outscored the Jets 83 to 35, decimating their own running game, time management, and putting more pressure on their passing game to make up the difference. Against the Redskins, the Jets played without their number one wide receiver, Laveranues Coles, which meant that someone had to take up the slack – Jerricho Cotchery.

“It’s a tough situation to have a fumble and a critical drop,” said Cotchery. “Last year we had a pretty good year after the bye week.

We were able to correct some of our mistakes we made in the first half of the season and win a lot of games in the second half. We are looking forward to doing it this year and some self-evaluation individually and as a team.”

After the bye week, the Jets have a date with two tough opponents – Pittsburgh and then Dallas; and then they play their kissing cousin – Miami.

Then there are: Cleveland, New England, Tennessee, and the Kansas City for their final game.

Last year it was good for us, after the bye,” Kerry Rhodes chimed in.

“We came back after the bye and played like a top five, or a top 10 defense,” said safety Kerry Rhodes. “It was good for us last year, but that was last year.”

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