No, Waxing! Yes, Threading

“Women in the United States have been introduced to eyebrow threading and they love it,� explains Mosin Khan , director of Shapes Brow Bar

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For decades, women have longed for a way to remove unwanted facial hair, especially in their eyebrows.

Yet the idea of waxing can make one cringe. Having hot wax spread across the skin and then feeling an entire strip of hair being ripped off, taking with it a layer of skin, is frightening. The alternative was enduring even more pain by plucking each hair individually. Because of the lack of options, many women ended up putting eyebrow shaping on the back burner. Today, that’s changing, as eyebrow threading has now made its way from the East to West.

“Women in the United States have been introduced to eyebrow threading and they love it,” explains Mosin Khan , director of Shapes Brow Bar (, a company that specializes in offering brow shaping and arching using the threading technique. “People no longer have to walk around with a uni-brow, or suffer through painful plucking and waxing. Threading is a much more gentle and sophisticated procedure that is more of an art form.”
Shapes Brow Bar, which offers franchises, has 14 locations throughout Illinois and Texas. They specialize in the threading procedure that was brought from the East, where it has been used for centuries. Specially trained professionals use cotton thread to remove unwanted hairs from the follicle by twisting the thread back and forth among the hairs they intend to remove. There are many benefits over waxing: it is a more precise form of shaping, it doesn’t irritate the skin, and it slows the return of hair since the hairs are removed from the follicles.

“It’s not as painful as other methods of eyebrow shaping,” adds Khan. “This is a respected craft that creates very clean lines and leaves women with a natural look.”


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