Nitasha Warms Up Chicago

Armed with her degree, Nitasha can now plan her professional modeling career. “In order to succeed, you need knowledge as well,� Nitasha continues.

Our Model Of The Day

Where She’s From: Beautiful Nitasha, a Virgo, was born in Chicago, Illinois, but moved around to several different states because of her father’s job. By the time she was eight, she was back in Chicago, so she considers herself born and raised there. “I learned from my mother to always trust your instincts,” she tells The Black Star News. “If it feels right, go for it; if it doesn’t, stop. That is why I know modeling is right for me; because it feels good.”

Nitasha went to an All Girls private Catholic High School, Immaculate Heart of Mary and on to Eastern Illinois University. “My junior year of college I fell in love with modeling,” she recalls. “The end of August 2006 was my first photo shoot in Atlanta, and from then on, I have been non-stop getting my name out there.”

Where She’s At: “I feel I have already came a long way,” she adds. “I see myself at the top one day. My goals are to be gracing the covers of many different magazines. I am patient, and I know my time will come,” says the 5’10 beauty whose parentage is African American and Pakistani.

There are no challenges in life that can’t be met head-on, Nitasha says. “When I was 17, one month before I was to go off for college, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis,” she relates. “I still went away to school anyway and managed to be on honor roll and graduate in four years with this disease. This just proves that when I have my mind set and want something, no matter what obstacles, I will succeed.”

Armed with her degree, Nitasha can now plan her professional modeling career. “In order to succeed, you need knowledge as well,” Nitasha continues. “Beauty can fade; but what you learn over the years will stick with you forever. It is one thing to look good, but to have brainpower as well, is extra special.”

So how does this breath-taking young model prepare to step out? “My favorite jeans are DKNY,” she says. “Every single pair I buy always fits perfect; tight at the right places and flattering. My favorite perfume right now is also DKNY’s Be Delicious. I really like to wear Baby Phat, and some of my favorite shirts are Roca Wear. My favorite regular lotion is Johnson and Johnson Nite Time baby lotion in the Purple bottle; but if I am going for scented lotion I love Victoria’s Secret’s Endless Love.”

Nitasha’s Words Of Wisdom:
“Everything happens for a reason.”
Nitasha’s Secrets Of Success: “Confidence.”
Nitasha’s Favorite Three Movies: “Two Can Play That Game; John Q; and, Love And Basketball.”
Nitasha’s Favorite Books: “You Should Never Have To Say Goodbye and So You Call Yourself A Man.”
Three Leaders That Most Inspire Nitasha: “Tyra Banks—I admire her modeling skills. Now that she is successful she is trying to help out and give back to aspiring models everywhere. Oprah- With all of her success, she has still given back to everyone. My father, Syed Ali-he always works so hard to make sure there I have clothes on my back, food in my stomach, education, and happiness.”
The First Three Things Nitasha Would Do As President: “Free health care for all; free education for all; and, help with peace in the Middle East.”
Nitasha’s Favorite Cars: “Ever since my mother bought a Grand Cherokee I loved the way it felt driving one. I was convinced I had to have one.”
Nitasha’s Favorite Entertainers: “Alicia Keys-If I Ain’t Got You…Lil Wayne-Go DJ. Tupac-All of them, especially Dear Mama. John Legend-Ordinary people. And, T.I.-Motivation.”
Nitasha’s Favorite Five Websites: “,,, yahoo dominoes, and”

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