NFL, PGA, NBA, NHL, MLB: A Star is Born


The first quarter of the NFL season has proven Hollywood is not the only one who can do, yet another reiteration, of “A Star is Born”:

League fans may be just getting to know him…yet those of us from the Big 12 are all too familiar.  So much so, we could have given a tutorial titled Patrick Mahomes: 101.  FYI…the syllabus comes with an aspirin and a nail biting guide for obvious reasons…..

Anyone who took a peek at Jared Goff’s Hard Knocks rookie season…must be amazed at the transformation from a kid who did not know the sun rises in the east…into an imposing figure behind center on the Rams.  Confidence goes a heckuva long way and a coach that instills it is destined to go a heckuva long way in his field!  Goff aaannnd swagger in the same sentence?  Who knew??

Stars can also be reborn:

Drew Brees is ever so quietly on the brink of seizing the NFL passing record.  His name seldom comes up in conversation ahead of the Mannings & Bradys of the world….talk is cheap though, numbers, do.not.lie!

I’ve been proudly uttering the most obnoxious sentence in the English language…I told you so!….for weeks.  Having surmised that physical limitations not withstanding…time was definitely on his side & Tiger would show us much better than he could ever tell us the majors pursuit  was alive and well!   His win in the FedEx Championship has provided a better season ending cliffhanger than Hollywood could ever have written….

Speaking of…it really feels as though the stars have literally aligned….with absolutely no shade to Akron, Cleveland, and definitely not Miami…Los Angeles is exactly where LBJ should be!

Back on the east side….much to the delight of an energetic crowd, the championship banner was raised in the home of the Washington Capitals.  Alex Ovechkin long ago established himself as one of the best in the history of the sport….having the Stanley Cup as a summertime companion simply made his star shine a lot brighter!!

If you’ve had the chance to see MLB’s latest commercial featuring Ken Griffey, Jr.—hat turned backward and all—you’re witnessing a shift in attitudes.  Could it be the league is finally realizing the value in recognizing its organically grown individual stars…and how it doesn’t diminish the shine of everyone else?  Well, well, well….late beats never any day! 

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