NFL, NBA, MLB & NHL: Politics & Birds of a Feather


Politics isn’t for everyone.  Even those of us who partake in the subject matter can find election years somewhat like the seasonal cornfield mazes….where is the exit?  And how soon will it make itself known?  Even still, the similarities between it and the sports entertainment industry are somewhat amazing:  

Politicians oftentimes run on a platform of change being good.  Yes, it is—and when applied to the NBA season it would be even more so.  A reduction in games from 82 to 62 would still allow for the cream to rise to the top….with far less opportunities for injuries to occur along the way….

The country’s commander in chief was a longtime affiliate of one party before aligning himself with the party on whose ticket he ran.  Much like Kawhi, LBJ, Dwight and DeRozan…teams may change, but the person remains the same….

Elected officials tout achievements…oftentimes, far too soon.  When Dak Prescott took an “I told you so” victory lap one week….then had to revert back to the drawing board the following week—it could have been a lesson learned from a poli sci course. 

Dishonesty…real or imagined…is a reason given on why politics is disliked. On that note, if in fact the Houston Astros were dealing from their own version of shady cards….karma played the last hand!

I have zero problem with giving a qualified individual an opportunity the first time he/she opts to run for an office.  On the flip side, there is nothing wrong with an equally qualified long term politician. As such, a Dodgers-Red Sox World Series…and its sweet scent of dynasty…is a-ok with me

Infrastructure is a favorable political talking point.  Rebuilding is the preferred sports term.  Which is exactly why the Raiders continue to baffle.  Let’s see…release elite level players from the roster…with the hope of getting draft picks…that will bring about, ummm, elite level players?

Policies should always be consistent.  What works for one group…i.e. taxes…should work for all.  Anyone watching the melee between the Los Angeles Lakers & Houston Rockets knew, with certainty, suspensions would be handed out quicker than a flying acrobatic punch could be thrown.  Since the skirmish took less time than what is typically allotted to hockey players…why were their suspensions at all?

Finally, there’s far too much lip service…plethora of words, absent of action.  For years the NFL has devalued the running back’s role.  Allllll that talk.  The truly bold action would be for one…just one…team to release all running backs from duty.  Hmmm, that’s about as likely as a high ranking political figure releasing his tax returns for the world to see! 

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