NFL & NBA: Giving Thanks


The season in which we wrap ourselves in an attitude of gratitude is upon us, so here goes, I am thankful for: 

Teams with a combined record of 3-14, Giants & 49ers, leaving it all on the field—giving fans watching on a Monday night something to cheer for….while simultaneously giving the league’s two best teams, Chiefs & Rams, a tough act in which to follow the next Monday….

Poise only a two time champion can exhibit…even in the midst of background noise about his demise, Eli keeps grinding it out & thanks to an offensive line opting to show up, was able to do so standing upright….

The beauty that is Klay Thompson’s and Bradley Beal’s jump shot…..

An end of a slow dripping saga….as Le’Veon & the Steelers part ways, something tells me there will be a soft landing for both…

Players that give td balls to children who make their way to the field versus heavyweight champions seated next to the field….

Female voices that hold.their.own….Doris Burke, Lisa Salters, the Michelles—Tafoya and Beadle, Pam Oliver & Holly Rowe to name a few….are my sheroes!

Rookies finding their way…..many of us know the angst involved in starting one’s first job….only a select few know the angst of having one’s performance under the watchful eye of millions….as well as how the mere analysis of one’s performance has created paid armchair quarterback positions….

Teammates who squash squabbles…presumably after the most vocal of the bunch realizes exactly who is most valuable…literally and figuratively…and veers back into his own lane in hopes of cruising into the record books-again!

Athletes who speak their truth in acknowledging struggles with mental health. The rich, famous and superbly talented are not exempt from its grips. Putting a name, face and voice to it can have an incredibly positive impact on someone who feels as though he/she should live in the shadows with their plight….

How sports brings folks together.  No matter our differences…be they political, social, or religious….we can find some commonalities.  Regardless of the tone set by those who wish to divide, we are far more alike than we are different. 

At the end of the day, no matter where we live, or work, or which team we cheer for…outside of New England, I’m fairly certain, we all cheer for the Patriots to lose!

That’s all for now….Happy Holidays!

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