NFL: Mirror Image


The two weeks between this year’s championship games and THE game, had an eerie resemblance to our most recent presidential campaign.  More often than not, the news cycle is slow which leaves the never ending talk show cycle grasping at straws for a topic of interest.  One consistent theme:  outside of their staunch supporters…oops, I mean fan bases…the Eagles and Patriots are two polarizing teams.  Not so hidden desires for both of them to lose was on full display.   My, my, my….the similarities are somewhat remarkable:

  • Was it art imitating life when the underdog prevailed?  Outside of their tried and true base, nobody gave them a bona fide chance.  Even after hitting a stumbling block in the form of a MVP contending qb’s injury, their stride continued right on through the finish line….


  • While fighting low expectations as to how they’d conduct themselves on the other side of prevailing, many in this group were quite indignant.  Well folks, there’s the jail thing and the snowballs at your very own Santa thing…..not to mention more recent history—allegations from NFC championship attendees were not in the flattering category.  Your reputation precedes you….for a reason. No worries…there are those that believe y’all will turn it around and act more…ya know…like a champion!


  • All accolades were bestowed upon the defeated team.  So much experience at this level, so many achievements along the way….there was no real way to lose to those other guys—all bases were covered.  Hmmm, but were they…does lack of play for a cornerback who saved the day several seasons ago equate to not covering swing states that saved the very same day in a previous election?


  • There has been no shortage of finger pointing since the crushing defeat….whose fault was it?  Why was so much left to chance?  Any particular reason a play that the losing team failed to execute was absolutely flawless when the winning team called it?   


  • As the league moves forward, there is good news for us all.  Word has it the much scrutinized Catch Rule is being reviewed with a strong lean toward removal. Leave it to a group of wide receivers to “Do Too Much” and concoct qualifiers for a “Catch” that existentially rewrites history as to what a catch was in the first place! 



  • There’s a Wanted Ad out for the defeated political team’s leadership. Countless speeches have been given by countless championship players.  The rousing variety though are few and far between.  Might I suggest tips from Jason Kelce.  The guy that seldom spoke, did so….to a huge crowd—the kind some president’s inaugural dreams are made of….and left them wanting so much more!


Many congrats to the city of what we all need more of, brotherly love.  Fly Eagles Fly!

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