New York Rally To Defend Africa

[Pan African Rising]

Saturday, March 23, 2013 the December 12th Movement is holding a march and rally in Harlem starting at 12:30 pm to protest attacks on African people around the world: NATO’s bombing campaigns in Africa; the International Criminal Court targetting African leaders  (the only people charged in 10 years of operation have been Africans); Stop and Frisk attacks on Black and Latinos throughout NYC; and the wars of recolonization in Africa.

We say “Not in Our Name,” shall Africa be recolonized  under the pretext of humanitarian intervention.

We say “Not in our name”, shall hundreds of thousands be stopped and terrorized every year in the streets of NY under the pretext of stopping crime.

Let us stand together at the Harlem State Office Building for a Pan African March and rally.
Call (718) 398-1766 to endorse.


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