New York Artist Targets Florida Governor Ron Desantis

Photo: Rob Redding

A New York artist this weekend targeted Florida Gov. Ron Desantis in work posted in Brooklyn’s Atlantic Avenue Artwalk.

Rob Redding for the past two weekends courted controversy with his “queer” conversation as Desantis is running for president and wants to bar this type of conversation of being LGBTQ from society.

Being a part of the LGBTQ+ community and the homophobia he has experience around being bisexual is all Redding wants to talk about lately with reflective mirror painting entitled “Bad Words.”

“The point of Bad Words is to see the words and see your response as I know our image obsessed generation will want to do selfies,” he writes in an essay about the work.

The salacious work was displayed at the Out of The Closet Thrift Store with dozens of other local artists along a more than mile long stretch of Atlantic Ave starting on May 20 to 28.

Redding is no stranger to targeting who he calls “DeSatan.” He was included in the New York Times newspaper last year during the PRIDE parade in his “Say Gay” t-shirt.

“It is really important that people take a strong stand against bigots and bullies, and he is both all wrapped into one,” said Redding.

Redding, who is a mixture of bright, bold, and brash, also hosts a popular talk show called “Redding News Review Unrestricted.” He calls himself “America’s Independent Voice.” He has been named “100 Most Important Radio Talk Show Hosts in America” and has published 14 consecutive bestselling books.

His 13th book was entitled “Smeared”, a book of his trademark art style that went to No. 1 on earlier this year. Smeared was his thesis that he wrote while attending Pratt Institute where he received his MFA in painting and drawing. His last book “Africa: How it can save the world” was his 14th book and seventh overall No.1 and 5th consecutive No. 1.

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