New Children’s Book Series Delivers Uplifting Messages of Inclusion

Schoen’s compelling new children’s book series, Adventures with Charlie

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Atlanta, GA, November 18, 2021 — When his son Charlie was just three months old, author Charles Schoen threw away the “what to expect” books for new parents and focused on what his severely disabled child could do. Charlie wasn’t going to reach all the milestones that other children do, but Schoen was determined to help his son live a full, happy life.

Schoen’s compelling new children’s book series, Adventures with Charlie, was inspired by his real-life experiences raising a child with special needs. Written for preschoolers and early readers, Adventures with Charlie serves as both an inspiration to families confronting the challenges of physical and/or mental disabilities, while also introducing typical peers to children with differences.

“Charlie is nonjudgmental. He doesn’t see anybody with judgement like we do,” Schoen said in a recent interview. “And so, he literally is an example of loving everyone just for being there — as opposed to who they are or what they do or what they look like.”

Through Adventures with Charlie, parents and children can follow Charlie as he learns and grows through new experiences.

In the first book of the series, Charlie Goes to School, readers get to explore a day of school from Charlie’s perspective, as he travels on the wind of his wheelchair, meets his friends, gathers knowledge and arrives back home flying through the air. In Charlie Goes to Tommy’s Barber Shop and Charlie Goes to Waffle House, children can learn from the ways in which Charlie interacts and makes friends in his community. Charlie Plays Baseball shares the motivational story of a baseball league that caters to children with special needs and physical challenges. And Charlie and the Half-Marathon will have readers cheering as Charlie and his father team-up for this exciting new adventure.

“Children need to have stories that illustrate the idea that ‘being different from typical peers’ can have some special rewards,” Schoen said. The Adventures with Charlie series emphasizes what children CAN do in the face of physical or developmental challenges, and along the way, points out that when communities embrace and lift up all children, everyone wins.

About the Author Charles Schoen is the Executive Director of The Adaptive Learning Center, a preschool inclusion program in Atlanta, Georgia. He has three children. His oldest child, Charlie, is the inspiration for his books.

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