Neville Mitchell, the “Justice Attorney,” Endorsed by Black Star News in Bronx Special Election Race

Seeks City Council seat

“Justice Attorney,” Neville Mitchell. Photo: YouTube.

Attorney Neville Mitchell is running in the Bronx special election to represent District 12.

Mr. Mitchell is running to replace ousted former New York City Council-member Andy King who became embroiled in several ethics’ scandals including an alleged kickback scheme and one regarding alleged sexual harassment. Mitchell is a veteran lawyer and has worked as a public defender and Legal Aid lawyer, with a documented history of service fighting for the rights of the marginalized and poor in New York City, and a fighter on behalf of victims of police criminal attacks. 

As a young man, he taught and mentored prisoners in Rikers Island Jail believing, unlike many others, that their lives really mattered. Gloria Ortiz, who worked with Michell with these prisoners, remembers him “since he was young as a very serious, dedicated, person,” and one “who always took the initiative to create programs, activities for these young men to learn skills that would actually help them.” Ortiz says Mitchell is a special person because he would always go above and beyond to help those who need it.

Here in New York City, and across the nation, the issue of criminal justice is now a central topic. Mitchell is uniquely qualified to show leadership on this in the New York City Council. This year, 2020, has been one of serious challenges. We’re in the middle of a once-in-a-lifetime crisis with COVID-19, along with all the health challenges posed to Black Americans who have lost their lives at a higher rate relative to our percentage of the population. This has happened within America’s so-called healthcare system where we were already underserved.

While COVID ravaged our communities the ongoing pandemic of police violence and murder continues to terrorize Black communities. George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Rayshard Brooks, are just the more prominent names of those who were killed this year by police. Here in New York City, a recent report concluded that the NYPD brutalized New Yorkers during the protests.

Given Mr. Mitchell’s longtime work as a lawyer, and with incarcerated and at-risk youth, his background gives him keen insight into the systemic racism that underpins the criminal justice system and how to remedy these problems. His experience will be vital in showing New York City the way forward to fixing these problems.

Mitchell’s expertise is exactly why he has been endorsed by Valerie Bell, mother of Sean Bell. Mitchell assisted the Bell family in court proceedings after Bell was killed by NYPD officers. Valerie Bell said of Mitchell “…he represented us in the year 2008, and while he was there, he sat with us for eight weeks. He’s a young man that is true to his word. He is a young man that gets the job done. He is a young man that helps you wherever he can help you.”

Our people need serious help right now to address the life and death struggles that have been further exposed by the crises of 2020. Our economic security, our Black businesses, our health and our bodies have all been further undermined by the COVID-19 pandemic and by the pandemic of racial policing. We need leaders who believe in service, to seriously tackle these problems. Michell’s actions make it clear he is a man of his word. The candidate recently said this: “Now is the time, I think to serve right. Everybody wants to lead I think not enough people want to serve.  And this is really a position where you serve people.”

Black New Yorkers need more political leaders who understand they are elected to serve the people. The Black Star News enthusiastically endorses community champion and “justice attorney,” Neville Mitchell, for the New York City Council to represent Bronx’s District 12.

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