NCAA, NFL & PGA: It’s March, Are You Mad Yet?


If the calendar says March, there is one obligatory question to ask ….”Are you mad yet?”  The answer will undoubtedly depend on what side of the storyline your team falls on:

If your basketball m came teaout of the gates smoking hot this season, then fizzled out in a long blink of an eye, then entered the Big Dance on one leg, but then danced hard enough on that one leg to extend the first song, yet still be sent home…like my Sooners…then you’re mad at what could have been, but ultimately wasn’t….

If bracket players only looked at the number beside your school and didn’t give a second thought to counting on the #1 overall seed…..only to have THE upset of all upsets unfold…your collective heads have probably been in the clouds. By now fans of UVA…we all know what that stands for….aren’t the only ones who know the University of Maryland Baltimore County Retrievers had a bite of historic proportions!

Music City has a lot to offer visitors.  Even still, it’s far too soon to mention it to college basketball fans from the Cincinnati area.  After both the University of Cincinnati and Xavier were unceremoniously dismissed from the tourney…on the same day….Nashville will not find itself as the go-to destination for Bearcats and Musketeers Nations in the near future.

We Big XII folks are reveling in our Sweet 16 representation. To be comfortably in the best conference of the year discussion is something along the lines of Halley’s Comet.  No problem with going with the flow here though….we’re ready to ride this thing til the wheels come off!!

Surprisingly enough, NCAA Basketball hasn’t had a stronghold on madness.  The NFL has maintained a close second place ranking.  If she is a league fan, the recent “money moves” made by several franchises may have rapper Cardi B’s head shaking like the rest of us!  I get it….a team without a quarterback is, well, not a team. Between shelling out top shelf salaries & playing their best hands with the upcoming draft…all sense of logic seems to be a thing of the past.  These off season shenanigans only make the anticipation of whether a record setting contract for a qb sans numerous record setting performances…or a $20 million one year salary for a qb who tends to use up all of his sick leave…to name a few, will be worth it in the end….

Care to take a wild guess as to who has zero qualms with the month of March?  Every single person affiliated with the sport of golf….from the advertisers, to the tour execs, to the fan—both avid and fair weather, to the counter associate at the 19th hole of clubhouses across the world.  Make no mistake about it…with open arms & a sigh of relief, they are saying with heartfelt sentiment …”Welcome back, Mr. Woods, you are indeed a sight for sore eyes!!!”

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