NCAA, NFL, NBA & MLB: New Year Do-Overs


2018 came in with an added layer of excitement!  Let there be confetti, balloons, noisemakers and roses for each and every one!!  Oh but what a difference roughly 21 hours can make.  The confetti was bestowed on others, balloons were found to be worthy of popping, noisemakers were drowned out by gasps, and roses slipped from our grasp!

As heartbroken as losing the Rose Bowl was….finding the road to recovery didn’t take long.  Why?  Because at the end of a fantastic season that came up two dubyas short, I know in my heart of hearts, I’ll be right back in my assigned seat at fall’s kick-off!

As numero uno fan of Sooner football there’s nothing I would do differently….the lesson remains the same—be there in the good times, bad times, in between times & most definitely during the head scratching times….ummm, exactly what happened to the first half’s playbook??

Parting shots left by an Atlanta Falcons coach following last year’s super bowl…was something along the lines of, if given the opportunity, not doing anything differently!  For crying out loud…really???   It is my sincere hope that Lincoln Riley & staff aren’t letting those words fall out of their mouths…..doing a handful of things differently here & there means playing in that fancy pants stadium in Hot-lanta versus a return to the drawing board days earlier than you’d hoped….

I’m betting the powers that be with the Los Angeles Rams wish they’d done something differently seasons ago.  What Coach McVay has done with that team, especially on the offensive side has been worthy of nothing but consistent praise….

Word on the street is that Belichick wishes they’d done something differently in Foxborough… Watching Jimmy Garoppolodo marvelous things in San Francisco is probably similar to wondering how much better you’d be off financially if you’d just done better in STEM classes when you had the chance….

Seriously doubt Kyrie wishes he’d done anything differently in making a move farther east to Boston.  Should the Celtics come up short in their quest to dethrone the dynasty he helped establish, something tells me pride still won’t let him think so…

With the UCF Knights proclaiming themselves as THE National Champions, those folks that gather in Grapevine, Texas the last few weeks of the season may be in search of a mulligan.  While the best of intent may have been initially at the forefront, they haven’t held true to the rules they set forth…i.e., conference championships were supposed to play a decisive role in the selection process—yet, in 3 of the 4 years since the committee’s inception, championships have been valued and devalued at will…

Finally, as angry as Marlins fans are about the fire sale taking place in Miami…..we know they would go about things differently and be far less excited about a baseball hero taking over the reigns—where is a crystal ball when you need it?!

In the meantime, in the same fashion as the aforementioned Belichick….I’m on to basketball. The transition has been surprisingly seamless…  Anybody got a chance to put a good eye on freshman phenom Trae Young?  Of the University of Oklahoma….by the way!! 

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