NBA Playoffs: And Something For Everyone


Tis the season where there is something for everyone:

The first round of the NBA Playoffs was well on its way to being a page out of a Good Housekeeping article, made complete with a picture of a broom!  While several series were swept away quickly….a few more competitive varieties did manage to save the day.  Immediately coming to mind are the Atlanta Hawks-Brooklyn Nets …a matchup that was initially placed in the 4-0 category, in Atlanta’s favor.  On the western side of things…..the Los Angeles Clippers are doing all they can to send the San Antonio Spurs and their dream of back to back championships home!

In other playoff news….the Cavaliers will have to continue on their quest without assistance from an injured Kevin Love….Chicago, having finally put away an energetic young Milwaukee team, is able to continue on their quest…and it appears as though Rajon Rondo can continue on a quest to find a team willing to deal with his attitude—he’ll have to do it without the bonus dollars normally associated with a playoff appearance as…word has it…his soon to be former teammates decided he was not worthy of a share!…I couldn’t agree more!

Hockey fans, too, are engrossed in an exciting playoff season.  Our hometown Washington Capitals finally shook the New York Islanders in a nail biting Game 7…only to face yet another New York team, the Rangers, in the second round.  We are hoping different teams, same results….and if done prior to a seventh game—well, that’ll be even better.  Go Caps!!

It never fails….no matter how thrilled I am at an impending NFL Draft…I only make it through roughly a half dozen first round choices before opting to peek in from time to time to get a wrap-up instead of the play by play version.  Don’t know who could have been surprised by the selection of Florida State’s Jameis Winston as the number one pick but I’m there were a fair number of doubters.  My only hope for this young man is that his better than average on the field decisions begin to translate to his off the field decisions as well!

Although we are without the hype of any particular thoroughbred stealing the show, the pomp and circumstance of the Kentucky Derby continues!  So for “The Most Exciting Two Minutes In Sports”, let there be big hats for the ladies, seersucker suits for the gentlemen, and mint juleps for everyone!!

As Saturday begins to creep into Sunday, all eyes will be on Vegas.  My fingers are crossed in hopes that Manny Pacquiao delivers a message to Floyd Mayweather letting him know the sport’s best fighter isn’t even in the ring!  For on Floyd’s best day and Muhammad Ali’s worst day….Floyd’s name doesn’t even enter the conversation! 

Nowhere has the yin and a yang of life been more visible than Baltimore.  On the downside of things, the city’s unrest paved the way for the first time in history in which a Major League Baseball game was played in an empty stadium—the O’s didn’t let it stop them from delivering a “w” to its loyal fan base though.  Yet, on the good side of things…it was nice to hear the intentions of Ray Lewis and Carmelo Anthony in supporting the restoration of calm to Baltimore, a city that has consistently offered overwhelming support to them!!

Praying peace for the family of Freddie Gray…for justice to be served…and healing for the residents of Baltimore!!

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