NBA, NHL, MLB: Shine On


I get it–the need to one up another individual or team is woven into the very fabric of competitive sports.

What I don’t get—how the narrative is oftentimes determined by the most recent occurrence. One person’s or team’s shine doesn’t necessarily overshadow another…it is possible for all to co-exist!

There were probably very few fans outside of the OKC metropolitan area that gave the Thunder a snowball’s chance in that very hot place of defeating the San Antonio Spurs.  Not the Thunder of lose composure, lose commanding leads most notably in the fourth quarter fame….not the Thunder of how to mesh two superstars—yes, Mark Cuban, two—with one ball fame….not the Thunder of, remember there are three other teammates on the court fame.  Against the tried and true, no drama, get ‘er done, revamped Spurs?   

Somewhere between four and seven games, somebody must go home! The play of the Thunder speaks and shines for itself.  I wouldn’t dare attempt to diminish it….nor the decades long shine of the Spurs. Much to the dismay of San Antonio fans, the season ended far too soon.  Yet, it must be comforting to know that lights out at the AT&T Center does not translate to lights out for seasons to come.  Questions abound on whether Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili will return….rest assured though, with the likes of Kawhi Leonard and LaMarcus Aldridge on the roster, the future shines bright for San Antonio!

Speaking of Kawhi…and I’m immediately reminded of his back to back Defensive Player of the Year accolades.   Nothing gets tongues wagging quite like the league’s annual end of year awards. It is challenging though to recall a year in which a defensive player’s award was scrutinized.  On the other side of the ball, it is rare NOT to have the offensive player analyzed with the fervor of a recent graduate switching the tassel from side of their cap to the other. 

Steph Curry is THE Most Valuable Player…his statistics…many of which were improved upon since last year’s award….support his rightful place.  LeBron James is the THE Best All-Around Player in the world…his body of work, over the years, support his rightful place.  Can we agree on these as close to fact as an opinion can be opinions?  Or in this world of armchair guards, centers, and power forwards…is that far too much to ask?

Against the backdrop of the nation’s capital it is hard to see whether we’ve had continuous rain compliments of Mother Nature….or if the precipitation is a result of disappointed Caps fans letting the tears of another…too many to count….disappointing hockey season flow.  A hard pill to swallow no doubt…but I sure hope the end result doesn’t diminish the shine of a stellar regular season!  Who knows…next year, they just may have a certain fan on the bandwagon to help the Caps get over the hump! 

In related news from the baseball diamond….one of my faves Jose Bautista of Toronto narrowly escaped having a “shiner” strategically placed where his sunglasses were firmly planted—before being abruptly removed by Rougned Odor of the Rangers that is!  Undoubtedly, it was a better hit than any seen in recent Mayweather bouts.  However, it doesn’t take away from the shine unleashed on Texas last year…….by Jose’s phenomenal ball crushing homerun.  Most importantly, it doesn’t take away from the Kansas City Royals who shone the brightest of them all at the end of the World Series.  Enough is enough…play ball! 

Back to the NBA… Can’t say I’m counting anyone out….can say, until if and when they give me reason not to….I’m drawn to what is shining from the west coast, Golden State!! 

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