NBA, NFL, NCAA: Resolutions


As a new year is ushered in, a plethora of resolutions joins it.  In that tradition, I’ve declared 2017 as my year of Acceptance.  On that note, I’ve accepted:

·         George Karl is not the guy I had imagined him to be…..

·         I apparently want RGIII to slide more than RGIII actually wants to slide….

·         Foregone conclusions are boring—the notion that a Warriors-Cavaliers Finals rematch is inevitable makes what is already a long season even longer……

·         Amid the complaining about the number of bowl games…they are a good thing.  After all the work those players put in from spring ball on, they deserve an opportunity to let loose.  And if it can be done like Middle Tennessee State’s Blue Raiders…in Honolulu…in spite of a loss—well, I’m never mad at THAT opportunity!….

·         The word scrub should be eliminated from the sports lexicon….while there are various degrees of talent, all of these folks are professionals and should be respected as such. For all those fellas selling cars….there is a top performing salesperson in your showroom & you are not it.  Would you like your industry nickname to be “scrub”?  Didn’t think so…..

·         It is possible to not be a fan of someone yet still think they deserve better….Lane Kiffin, this one’s for you….

·         It is also possible to be the best college football coach and still be too smart for your own good…turns out Bama’s anemic offense didn’t fall totally on its former offensive coordinator…so exactly when does Saban begin to shoulder some of the responsibility?

·         Despite a few comments that rubbed me completely wrong…Dabo Swinney is worthy of a mulligan.  Congrats to the Clemson Tigers on their championship victory!

·         The automatic draft in fantasy is the best thing ever….mine led to a 13-1 regular season

·         Fantasy leagues are no match for reality…a combination of below average performances and an injury to a superstar running back led to a second place finish in my league’s championship round….

·         Cavs fans get in their feelings when the subject of not being able to win without LeBron comes up. Numbers don’t lie….but how about seeing the glass half full and be very thankful you HAVE LeBron!….

·         Grayson Allen & Derrick Rose have issues.  Can’t quite put a finger on what they are…but fingers are crossed that both fellas figure it out soon. 

·         There’s something about the Sooners & the Sugar Bowl that is oh so, well, sweet!!  What a way to wrap up the season!

And we’re off to the races…..may 2017 bring out the best in all of us in everything we do!

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