NBA, MLB, NFL, NCAA: Insight from a Crystal Ball


When the team you most like seeing on the hardwood is within thirty miles…you.go!  When the Warriors are playing the hometown Wizards…you know it is a win-win and cheer for both!  When non G-State fans openly express the probability of a hard stop to the run of the defending champions…you engage in a lively discussion!  Where THIS ends is anybody’s guess.  In the meantime, there are zero complaints with the comfort level of THIS bandwagon seat!   

As a believer in savoring the moment, carpe diem and all that good stuff …admittedly, there are times when I wouldn’t turn down a good ole fashioned crystal ball!  What could be better than enjoying the here and now, yet still having knowledge of the following:

  • Does the addition of Giancarlo Stanton to the Yankees mean that Spring Training and the 162 game schedule are mere pomp and circumstance? If so, shouldn’t the World Series trophy be delivered to the Bronx Bombers on March 29th, also known as Opening Day?


  • I absolutely haven’t been buying what folks were trying to sell every NFL offseason for the last decade.  Apparently there’s a body of work unbeknownst to me that catapults Jon Gruden from the average category directly to the $10 million a year vip suite.  Certainly that’s an automatic translation to no less than 10 Lombardi trophies correct? 


  • Back to back to back to back, etc…..When o’ when will the Jayhawks dominance over the field in Big 12 basketball end?  Fourteen straight conference titles later….is the proverbial “there’s always next season”  going to come to fruition anytime soon?


  • Will audio recordings of shady deals become a thing of the past by way of paying college athletes?  For the record, I’d cast a vote for a stipend…but naahhh to a salary.  With every scandal comes fire and fury…then discussions begin to fall by the wayside when more exciting things come around the corner, oh like March Madness…until the next scandal.  Since when is “doing nothing” the answer to any problem?  Just sayin….


  • There are few things more capable of making the heart warm & fuzzy than the success of our youth.  So when I heard of Kevin Durant’s $10M donation to the college tuitions of underserved youth from the backyards in which he grew up….my mind immediately jumped to the future.  Imagine the number of children whose path can be drastically altered in the most positive of ways.  Trophies, banners & parades are savored for a moment in time…then in a blink of an eye, give way to a “what have you done lately?” mentality.  A real opportunity to improve one’s socioeconomic status & overall quality of life though….that’s everlasting!!

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