Nature VS Narcotic: ULTIMAXX HEALTH provides patients with a natural alternative



There are 330 million people in the United States of America.  100 million of them are dealing with some type of pain issue.  The average person will visit their primary physician for relief when the pain becomes intolerable.  They will likely be prescribed a prescription narcotic to relieve the pain.  While the prescription opioid will effectively reduce pain, unbeknownst to the patient, it also puts them at risk for dependence, addiction and a plethora of adverse side effects.  It is widely assumed that, “If the F.D.A. (Food and Drug Administration) approved it and my Doctor prescribed it to me, it must be safe.”  ABSOLUTELY NOT THE CASE.

Allow me to introduce Dr. LENNY LOMAX…Orthopaedic Surgeon and CEO/Founder of ULTIMAXX HEALTH.  ULTIMAXX HEALTH is the first African-American owned Pharma/Nutraceutical Company.  It is a Global Company which produces ONLY natural products like LEVARE (pronounced: la-var-ay), the first truly effective natural OTC remedy for pain.  Thanks to Dr. Lenny Lomax and his team, the general public has been given a much-needed alternative to prescription narcotics.  Patients can now choose to ingest a pain medication made of natural herbs that is non-habit forming, verses those comprised of synthetic drugs that may cause addiction and other adverse side effects.

Dr. Lomax’s passionate interest in solving the problem of prescription medication addiction prompted him to develop an all-natural pain remedy.  “Coming through residency I worked with many pharmaceutical companies who developed tons of different medicines.  I noticed they would sometimes ignore the fact that a drug may cause side effects or even the possibility of death, and that didn’t sit well with me.  I grew tired of watching the patients suffer because the pharmaceutical industry’s desire to make exorbitant amounts of money outweighed the respect for human life.  As doctors, we are trusted by our patients and their families.  We are expected to heal, not cause more pain and suffering.  Natural medications can and will greatly improve the public’s general health and well-being.  We have become a nation addicted to pills and it is destroying our communities.  We are all affected by this either directly, or indirectly…a parent, a friend, a spouse, a co-worker or a teenager we know.  It is time for us to hold those responsible accountable for their actions!  We have become lazy, complacent and apathetic instead of finding an effective alternative.” 

Prescription medications have become the new drug of choice in the past decade and it doesn’t discriminate.  People of all races and colors have fallen victim to the side effects of these opioids, which include addiction, depression, and in extreme cases, suicide, overdose and death, in the African-American community.  Parents with pain issues are storing bottles of Percocet in their medicine cabinets and their teenagers are abusing them and selling them to their peers because they live in poverty.  Athletes from High School to College to the Pros, under tremendous pressure to perform, are administered prescription narcotics to disguise the pain, fearing that missing a game could jeopardize their scholarships or careers.  The National Football League is one of the worst violators. 

Pain management in the NFL has spawned a culture of prescription drug abuse that often spills over into these players’ personal lives.  Being a former college football player who witnessed this behavior and its devastating results first-hand, Dr. Lomax quickly recruited former NFL Running Back, Philanthropist and Entrepreneur, SEAN JAMES, to join him in the war against prescription narcotics.  Post-NFL, Sean, used his M.B.A. in Business Administration to launch two Non-Profit Organizations geared toward helping our youth flourish socially and educationally; the SEAN JAMES STUDENT ATHLETES ORGANIZATION (S.J.S.A.) and the BE IN THE KNOW ABOUT BULLYING ORGANIZATION

He shares Dr. Lomax’s passion for finding a resolution to this pervasive problem that is ripping apart our black families.  He even takes it a step further, citing the lack of common respect for church, home and community is at the root of this epidemic.  “We’ve lost sight of what it means to be “good people”.  Kids today do not speak proper English and they’re called ‘white’ if they do.  They are susceptible to bullying if they’re too smart, but praised by their peers for being a screw-up as long as they have the newest J’s and a popular Instagram Page.  Our youth are lost and need help finding their way.  It is our job as adults to show them the way.  Many of them come from broken homes and depend on athletic scholarships to rescue them from harrowing circumstances.”

Put yourself in the shoes of a 17 year old student athlete with mediocre grades, from a single-parent home, who’s parent is struggling financially.  You get a full scholarship to Louisiana State University based on your abilities as a Quarter Back.  It’s you and your family’s ticket out of hell!  Three games into the season you’re doing great..then all of a sudden you tear something in your knee.  You know if you don’t continue to play and produce there is a possiblility you will be benched and lose your starting spot.  The team physician offers you a prescription medication that is effective enough to get you through the game with minimal pain.  Do you turn him down?  Think about it.

Sean’s 10-month Mentorship Program does just that.  It teaches our youth how to think for themselves and use the information at hand to make better decisions.  The students also learn to communicate effectively and uplift each other instead of tearing each other down.  Most importantly, they learn how to use their circumstances and hardships as lessons in character-building instead of road-blocks.  “Our backgrounds and circumstances don’t have to define us.” says Sean.  “Education is extremely important.  It is the key to becoming successful and getting to the point where you can help others and give back to your community.  But we also have to put a heavy emphasis on teaching our youth how to be well-spoken, articulate adults with good character.   When I watched Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, Martin Luther King and Dr. Jay on television as a kid, they made me proud to be black!  They were so sharp.  It makes me cringe when I hear how some of our kids speak on a daily basis or how some of these athletes speak when they’re being interviewed on television.”  Sean is ecstatic to be a part of Dr. Lomax’s movement.  “I celebrate Dr. Lomax for wanting to solve this problem!  It feels great to be working with like-minded people focused on one common goal…better general health and well-being in our communites.  How we respect ourselves and others is all inter-connected to the mental, physical and socio-economic issues facing the African-American community.” 

ULTIMAXX HEALTH is set to launch a massive campaign via social media, internet, radio and television to properly educate the general public about their all-natural alternative to prescription narcotics and make them aware that they DO have a choice.  “Just like the food industry has evolved so will the medical world.” says Sean.  “People wanted to know what was in their food and demanded answers! Even fast-food giants such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King had to comply and appease them.  They recreated their menus and offered healthier alternatives.  LEVARE is an all-natural product that is as equally effective as a narcotic, yet doesn’t compromise the patient’s health and well-being.  Who wouldn’t choose that over a Percocet?”  Dr. Lomax adds, “Information is critical!  We plan to collaborate and build armies that will educate our people and we are definitely up to task.  The masses are suffering and it will only get worse if we don’t act now!  A paradigm shift has begun.  People want to eat clean, be healthy and live longer lives.  These powerful pharmaceutical companies are slowly realizing they must get on board.”       

For ULTIMAXX HEALTH none of the opposition is insurmountable.  Dr. Lenny Lomax, Sean James and their team are building a powerful conglomerate that will create an economic engine capable of affecting major changes in the African-American community in the near future.  “I know GOD made me, Dr. Lenny Lomax, for this purpose.  It makes my spirit full and motivates me!  I am so encouraged that I have been blessed with this mission.  I became a Doctor to help people and that’s exactly what I plan to do.”


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